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Let Me Explain
Pierre Teilhard deChardin
A compilation of central passages from the complete works of Teilhard deChardin

1 "Religion represents the long disclosure of God's being through the collective experience of the whole of humanity, God reflecting himself personally on the organized sum of thinking monads, to guarantee an assured success and fix precise laws for their hesitant activities – God bent over the now intelligent mirror of Earth to impress on it the first marks of his Beauty."

2 "The Truth has to appear only once, in one single mind, for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally."

3 "If human particles are to group themselves 'centrically' they must ultimately – in unison and simultaneously – love one another."

4 "Imagine people awakening at last, under the influence of the ever-tightening planetary embrace, to a sense of universal solidarity based on their profound community, evolutionary in its nature and purpose."

5 "Multiplicity ascends, attracted and engulfed by something which is 'already One'. This is the secret and guarantee of the irreversibility of life."

6 "God's love for the world and for each of the elements of the world, and the love, too, that the elements of world have for one another and for God, are more than a secondary effect attached to the process of creation: they represent also both its operative factor and its basic dynamism."

7 "Sometimes, when I have scrutinized the world very closely I have thought that I could see it enveloped in an atmosphere – still very tenuous but already individualized – of mutual good will and of truths accepted in common and retained as a permanent heritage. I have seen a shadow floating, as though it were the wraith of a universal soul seeking to be born…"

8 "Mankind, born on this planet and spread over its entire surface, coming gradually to form around its earthly matrix a single, major organic unity, enclosed upon itself; a single, hyper-complex, hyper-centred, hyper-conscious arch-molecule, co-extensive with the heavenly body on which it was born. Is not this what is happening at the present time – the closing of this spherical, thinking circuit?"

9 "At the psychological root of all myticism there lies the more or less vague attraction or need that urges every conscious element to become one with the whole that encompasses it."

10 "The movement of the cosmos towards the highest degree of consciousness represents the essence of biological evolution."

11 "Around us and in us the energy of humanity, itself sustained by the energy of the Universe…is still pursuing its mysterious progress towards higher states of thought and freedom."

12 "Man on earth is an element destined to complete himself cosmically in a higher consciousness in process of formation."

13 "The first essential is that the human units shall draw closer together, not merely under the pressure of external forces, or solely by the performance of material acts, but directly, centre to centre, through internal attraction. Not through coercion, or enslavement to a common task, but through unanimity in a common spirit. The construction of molecules ensues through atomic affinity. Similarly, on a higher level, it is through sympathy, and this alone, that the human elements in a personalized universe may hope to rise to the level of a higher synthesis."

14 "The world of humanity is being irresistibly forced to form one single whole. It is converging upon itself."

15 "It is necessarily love, a kind of love, which forms and will increasingly form, in its pure state, the material of human energy."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite