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The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment
Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

1 "As Carlos Castaneda's guru, Don Juan, said, choose the path of your heart, because that is the path that will transform you."

2 "All is God's will, not individual will."

3 "The states of the quantum mind are universally available to all of us. We all comprise the universal information highway. Metaphorically, we are all part of a universal hologram; we each retain the information of the whole."

4 "A liberated person is stable in the wisdom that all is God's will and that one is not separate from God."

5 "Mythology is the history of the self."

6 "Spiritual traditions hold that the universe is made of consciousness, created by consciousness (God), and designed for consciousness, for its purposive, creative play."

7 "Respecting the diversity of all religions need not obscure the underlying unity."

8 "Consciousness IS the ground of all being, what the Upanishadic rishis, or seers, had called Brahman."

9 "The world's great religions [are] united at their esoteric cores."

10 "Our action is truly ethical when it is moved spontaneously by unconditional love and compassion."

11 "One day while talking to a mystic friend, my mind opened. He said, 'There is nothing but God', as mystics usually say. But this time I heard it; I heard it directly – not in thought, not with another idea. And it was intensely joyful."

12 "Ethical actions are those taken with consideration and compassion for others. The Golden Rule of ethics appears in all religions."

13 "God is immanent everywhere, all things are interconnected and alive in spirit."

14 "Behind our apparent individuality and separateness there is one transcendent unity that is consciousness."

15 "Act from the center – which the poet T. S. Eliot called 'the still point.'"

16 "The evolution of the cosmos is a creative play of consciousness for the purpose of revealing itself to itself in manifestation."

17 "The world is not outside of God, outside of consciousness; it is the play of consciousness."

18 "All is one consciousness."

19 "Following the best intuitions of all traditions, scientific and spiritual, let us all search, with mutual respect, for the one truth."

20 "Spiritual knowledge resonates abidingly in our hearts."

21 "The universe is created for the purpose of evolving sentient beings. The many coincidences in the way the universe has been constructed – the fine tuning of the values of the physical constants, even the special geometry of the universe that keeps it expanding for a long enough time to provide the extended time scale that the evolution of life requires – suggest that maybe the universe has a meaningful destiny after all, a cosmic purpose: to evolve observers, for example, us humans."

22 "Consciousness is One."

23 "Unity has room for all diversities." Deepak Chopra, foreword

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