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Healing: The Divine Art
Manly P. Hall
A history and philosophy of the science of healing

1 “Behind visible nature is a Universal Principle of good accomplishing all things through wisdom, strength, and beauty.”

2 "The processes of growth are at work everywhere in nature, and in human nature."

3 "The Divine Providence administrates universal nature."

4 "An old doctor, who had spent sixty years studying human nature in all its complex manifestations, once said to me, 'I am entirely convinced, from a lifetime of experience and observation, that every one does the best he can, for what he is and what he knows.'"

5 "Will the Old Mother who guides the birds and animals, and teaches them to care for their young, and to build the simple nests and dens of their kind, will She remain silent to the need of the noblest of her creatures?"

6 "Individual mind partakes of universal mind."

7 "All enlightened pagans taught that the material universe is the physical body of the creating Principle. Plato called the universe the 'Eternal Animal', and the Neo-Platonists of Alexandria described the world as 'the body of a Blessed God."

8 "Mankind is united in all essentials, and divided only in those things which are of secondary importance."

9 "The universe is an extension of powers that remain eternally in the nature of Deity."

10 "The human instinct, wiser and older than all the sciences, knows that creation is a mystery in the spirit, and that the man who would solve the riddle of himself, must find the mystic ways that lead to God."

11 "An all-wise providence has placed at the disposal of the human race all that is necessary to ensure peace, happiness, health, and security."

12 "Man is the master of his destiny, and it is in his power to lift the load of his despondencies by seeing through them, understanding them, and cheerfully accepting the lessons they have to teach."

13 "The wisest people of all times have believed in the reality of spiritual values."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite