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The Goddess Re-Awakening: The Feminine Principle Today
Shirley Nicholson, Compiler
Includes essays by Riane Eisler, June Singer, Roberto Assagioli, Dane Rudhyar and Gina Cerminara

1 "Modern psychology is increasingly recognizing the immense value of mythological imagery and thinking for the purpose of self-knowledge and true spiritual liberation." Stephan A. Hoeller, 'Sophia: The Gnostic Archetype of Feminine Soul-Wisdom'

2 "Myths provide forms and categories of understanding by which to grasp and consciously realize the nature of the trans-personal powers." Dr. Edward F. Edinger, Jungian psychoanalyst, 'The Tragic Hero: An Image of Individuation'

3 "Without an informed knowledge and understanding of the universal motifs of mythology, the search for meaning and for essential transformation of the human psyche is difficult indeed. Aristotle said that 'myths are a compact of wonders', and in comparatively modern times, H. P. Blavatsky has called attention to the fact that myths are the primary agencies by which spiritual realities were communicated from age to age and from generation to generation." Stephan A. Hoeller, 'Sophia: The Gnostic Archetype of Feminine Soul-Wisdom'

4 "The one ever becomes many and the many are ever reunited with and in the one. This process constitutes wholeness." Beatrice Bruteau, 'The Unknown Goddess'

5 "In this new civilization and the emerging global culture, for the first time humanity is sufficiently developed to make a planetary, global pattern, incorporating the very best of all men and women. I think that this planetary psychosynthesis, this psychosynthesis of humanity is possible and needed. Each particular problem will then have its frame of reference in the greater whole, and conflict can be replaced by harmonious integration and cooperation. All of this is within our reach – for not only is it very beautiful – it is HUMAN." Roberto Assagioli and Claude Servan-Schreiber, 'A Higher View of the Man-Woman Problem'

6 "We must reorder all our perceptive faculties so as to emphasize the wholeness rather than the otherness. Before we can love our neighbor as our self, we must SEE our neighbor as our self." Beatrice Bruteau, 'The Unknown Goddess'

7 "The Mother of the World is here with us in our hearts, as well as brooding maternally over all humanity." Geoffrey Hodson, 'The World Mother'

8 "To every one who trusts in the Light, God will give the mystery suited to him, and his soul shall be in the region of the Light." 'Pistis Sophia', early Gnostic text

9 "The presence of the Goddess herself has never departed from her holy place in our consciousness, and now, as we enter what many feel to be a 'new age', we sense that the Goddess is somehow making her way back to us." Beatrice Bruteau, 'The Unknown Goddess'

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