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The Brotherhood of Angels & of Men
Geoffrey Hodson

1 "The concept of brotherhood, the keynote of the coming age, shall know no bounds, but widen to include all living things."

2 "Divinity is implicit throughout the universe."

3 "Train yourselves to see in everything an expression of the One."

4 "The vision that you have, the splendour of great plans, the inward urge to tread the path, to find the goal, the craving of your hearts to make a perfect world, to heal the sick, to appease all pain, to annihilate the ignorance of man – the vision of all this in you, is a faint reflection of the vision seen by That which is the summation of all that is."

5 "A living sense of unity with nature must be reached, till you can see yourself in every tree, in every flower, in every blade of grass, in every passing cloud, and realize that the manifold diversities which compose a valley or a garden or a wise panorama of mountain, sea and sky, are but expressions of the One Self which is in you, of which you are a part."

6 "The spiritual, intellectual and material constituents, composing alike man and the universe, maintain the ordered march of evolutionary progress."

7 "Every man in his true self answers to the Divine Song, knows well the tones of the Creative Voice."

8 "All the movements of the stars, the lighting and setting of suns, the birth of planets and their death, the evolution of the [human] race, the waves that break upon the shore, the rise and fall of continents, the melting of the polar seas, the beating of the hearts of men, the germination of the seed, all these respond to the rhythm of the pulsing heart of God."

9 "The flavour of unity can be tasted by the mind, can be expressed in action as mutual endeavour. Wherever there is mutual endeavour…there men have caught the flavour of unity."

10 "Wisdom is innate within the human soul."

11 "There is but one Life, boundless and inexhaustible, which is the very essence of all."

12 "Do all things as from a centre from which they are seen as one, as indeed they truly are. Thus will you give a new meaning to life. Above all things else this is the need of humanity."

13 "Even tree and plant and mole beneath the earth may hear the Voice of God and, hearing it, obey. Every sound you hear on earth is an echo of His Voice, and every light in every colour comes from the dazzling radiance of His Eyes."

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