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A database of 11,000+ illuminated guiding quotations in 40 categories from 600+ inspired books by our most brilliant and influential authors.
Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation
The Findhorn Community

1 "All things are a manifestation of intelligence and all happenings are related."

2 "The essence of all growth processes is, in fact, divinity." 1

3 "The image of God is the process of divinity itself, and that is a process of growth, of nourishment, of wisdom, light and love. It is the process of life unfolding itself into greater levels of freedom and knowing and expression."

4 "As we begin to recognize God in every aspect of the world around us, that part of the world is redeemed, until ultimately the whole planet is redeemed."

5 "God is within all life."

6 "We are one under the One."

7 "You are the gardener of your own being, the seed of your destiny."

8 "The current ecology movement is attempting to restore balance by pointing out the interrelatedness of life upon the Earth, insisting upon a holistic vision for survival."

9 "Mankind has an inherent sensitivity to the needs of Earth and to the plan of God."

10 "We would shout it in words of fire that oneness is."

11 "All the Earth's surface is of one family, one creation, one intelligence."

12 "Love is always the fundamental key in guiding our awareness."

13 "We are all capable of bringing about what we set our minds to if it is for the good of the whole."

14 "One part of nature cannot be isolated from another, so action taken against any part sets up a chain of events that affects the whole."

15 "To heal the Earth, which is our greater body, we must create an ecological balance within as well as without. We do so by recognizing that the basis of life is interrelationship."

16 "All participate in and reflect the same universal processes of growth. Our planet is informed with a life and a spirit which is gradually unfolding itself, realizing its latent potentials. This process repeats itself on every level of being."

17 "I know that God is within each one of us, within everything."

18 "Together with minerals, plants and animals, we make up the body and consciousness of a single living organism – Earth. We move within this body, intricately related to and dependent upon every other part of it."

19 "Love is a firm reality which forms a bridge over which all can walk."

20 "Through love we can blend with the consciousnes of a plant or with the consciousness of another human being."

21 "One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all life."

22 "Man is given the gift of creative imagination and must create the vision of what must be done."

23 "God's will is the path we tread which develops the best for us and for all we encounter."

24 "Life is ceaselessly growing, moving on, learning, rising and becoming more and more conscious."

25 "We have many opportunities every day through which to learn of the unity in apparent separation. We can work toward it in every moment."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite