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The Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle
Karen L. King

1 "Throughout the journey of the soul toward comprehension, dialogue is key."

2 "In the Gospel of Mary the 'Son of Man' is the child of true Humanity, the Image of the Divine Realm that exists within every person. It is identified as the true Image of nature to which the disciples are supposed to conform, the image of humanity's true spiritual nature."

3 "The child of true Humanity exists within you. Follow it! Those who search for it will find it." The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, 4:5-6

4 "In his farewell to the disciples, the Savior tells them: 'The child of true Humanity exists within you'. The Savior commands them: 'Follow it! Those who search for it will find it.'"

5 "By turning toward the Good, the soul comes to follow its true spiritual nature."

6 "Yet there is hope: 'For this reason, the Good came among you, pursuing the good which belongs to every creature. It will set it within its root' (Gospel of Mary 3:5-6). God came to humanity in order to establish people in their true nature and set them firmly within their proper 'root', the natural good within themselves."

7 "The structure of the Gospel of Mary reproduces the same message as the Savior's teaching: 'Acquire my peace within yourselves!...For the child of true Humanity exists within you. Follow it!'"

8 "The Savior's point in the Gospel of Mary is that spiritual advancement…has to be sought by transformation within a person."

9 "People need to accept the spiritual freedom, life, and peace that they already possess because their true nature is rooted in the Good."

10 "To find the child of true Humanity within or to put on the perfect Human means to come to know that one's true self is a spiritual being whose roots are nourished by the transcendent Good."

11 "The Savior replied, 'Every nature, every modeled form, every creature, exists in and with each other….Anyone with two ears able to hear should listen!" The Gospel of Mary, 2:2-5

12 "As the second century theologian Irenaeus of Lyon argued, the incarnation of Jesus made God visible, so that by 'becoming what we are, He might bring us to be even what He is Himself.'"

13 "The presence of Spirit is not a future event; it is dwelling in us, rendering us spiritual even now." Irenaeus

14 "The capacity to overcome evil requires that one has perceived the Good-beyond-evil and molded oneself to its Image and nature."

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