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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Rediscovering the Angels
Flower A. Newhouse

1 "True understanding of the wonders within nature is revealed by Elizabeth Browning through her words: 'Every common bush afire with God, but only he who sees takes off his shoes.'"

2 "All of life must have purpose and intelligences supervising that purpose."

3 "Our prayers are like seeds which have their seasons of blossoming and of fruitfulness."

4 "We have heard repeatedly the term 'One World'. Events seem to be shaping themselves into a creation of a 'one world' consciousness."

5 "Because each of us has a certain pilgrimage of growth to achieve, we may compare ourselves to a traveler headed toward a specific destination. Our goal is spiritual unfoldment of an ever-widening experience."

6 "Life is a movement toward the goal of Mastership. An evolutionary program impels the advancement, improvement and mastery of ourselves and our talents. The supreme endeavor of progress is to cause every man and every woman to become Adepts in the art of spiritual advancement and the right use of spiritual powers."

7 "A powerful spiritual attraction will eventually lead every pilgrim, in every kingdom, back to his one nativity – unity with the Eternal Spirit."

8 "Much of mythology contains prisms of the White Light of Truth."

9 "The human way is impelled toward the development of love and wisdom."

10 "Nature tells us that we can learn more of God by observing Him through His handiwork."

11 "Remember that the Spirit of God permeates His glorious system, that His Life is in the leaves of the trees as well as in the hearts of human beings."

12 "Truth knows endless rebirth. When reality becomes distorted or veiled by man-made concepts, it will seek re-embodiment again at a later period. What is really true is true always."

13 "We form a part of a great plan that is being unfolded in every octave of existence."

14 "Though the journey from passivity to conscious Godhood appears difficult and complicated, infinite simplicity, order and wisdom govern the entire process."

15 "We discern golden glints of truth within musty and antiquated myths. These shining facets free us from narrow and limiting concepts."

16 "There are no spiritual outcasts or souls unloved by God."

17 "Certainly, man has the Light of God within him."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite