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Reincarnation and Immortality
Rudolf Steiner

1 "Love is the best and noblest power in ordinary life, individually and socially."

2 "We have to acquire a certain view of what we call our self, by means of true and intimate observation, carried out willingly and with discipline."

3 "One must be able to judge one's own actions and impulses of will with the same objective detachment as one can judge the actions and impulses of will of another."

4 "Through education and through life itself, powers which at first only slept in us developed out of the depths of our human constitution. And now that we possess the powers developed by education and by life we must be able to say to ourselves: Within our souls may sleep other powers also which could be unfolded from some starting point that life provides."

5 "The human being is free in his actions inasmuch as the immortal soul is revealed to him underlying the life of the physical body."

6 "If we really contemplate the course of human evolution, we are bound to say that however overbearing the opposition, the misunderstandings, the slanders that oppose the truth, the truth will find its own way through the narrowest cracks in the rocks of human evolution, however great the pressure from the rocks may be."

7 "With this concept of the continuing existence of the soul we are not bypassing our experience and laying hold of an unknown sphere…but we find ourselves in the midst of a comprehensible reality accessible to our thinking." Immanuel Hermann Fichte (1797-1879)

8 "The human being…will become more and more awake in the further course of evolution. The whole world will be spiritualized."

9 "The human soul incessantly tells itself that within the human being is hidden something that exists beyond birth and death."

10 "The human being extricates himself from unfree actions by evolving increasingly toward his true self."

11 "Inner forces guide the evolution of humanity."

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