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A Dictionary of Freemasonry
Robert Macoy

1 "The ancients contemplated the universe from the religious point of view. All the phenomena of life – all the motions of the heavenly bodies – the whole stupendous spectacle of the world – revealed to them the presence of an unseen Intelligence."

2 "Those old Grecians and Egyptians saw in all the phenomena of nature – in all the motions of the starry spheres, and in all the miracles of the world – the shadow of that mysterious One, who, although infinite and indivisible, yet in some manner individualizes himself to every human thought, and localizes himself in every place."

3 "The circle has ever been considered symbolical of the Deity; for as a circle appears to have neither beginning nor end, it may be justly considered a type [archetype] of God, without either beginning of days or ending of years."

4 "There is something divine in man, which prompts him to look beyond the mere supply of his necessities, and to aim continually at higher objects."

5 "The 'creed' of a Mason is simple. It is belief in a God 'in whom we live, and move, and have our being.'"

6 "Faith is the foundation of justice, the bond of amity, and chief support of society; we live and walk by faith."

7 "The Eye of God is in every place."

8 "The Alcoran [Koran] describes Allah's character and attributes thus: 'He alone is self-existent; has no rival; is from everlasting to everlasting; fills the universe with his presence; is the center in which all things unite.'"

9 "From the wonders of nature, we are led to contemplate the Great Original."

10 "The center of unity is not material nor visible. It is an internal principle which dwells in all its parts, and binds them altogether in one harmonious whole."

11 "God is immanent in all created things, working in each blade of grass, and swelling bud, and opening flower."

12 "Everything is the perpetual transformation or metamorphosis of God."

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