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Alchemists Through the Ages
Arthur Edward Waite
Lives of various philosophers of Alchemy from the year 850 to the close of the 18th century, together with a study of the principles and practice of Alchemy.

1 "It becomes increasingly clear that if the perplexities and confusions besetting modern society are to be resolved in a satisfactory way, this can be done only as the result of an awakening and a development of the spiritual powers and potentialities at present lying dormant within each human being." Paul M. Allen, Introduction

2 "The highest wisdom consists in this, for man to know himself, because in him God has placed his eternal word, by which all things were made and upheld, to be his Light and Life." Alipili, 'Centrum Naturae Concentratum'

3 "It must ever be remembered that God is within us."

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