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The Hidden Jesus: A New Life
Donald Spoto, Ph. D.

1 "Human beings are woven into the entire cosmic network. Hence we may speak of a kind of functional integrity or unity in the universe, by which everything that is is linked to everything else that is."

2 "God, Jesus insisted, embraces all who desire Him, and even, in a mysterious way, those who do not. Regardless of nationality, race, gender, impolite or socially unacceptable subgroup or physical or moral wholeness, everyone is the target of God's favor. Grace (that which binds us, at the core of our being, to God Eternal) is radically inclusive and entirely gratuitous: it cannot be subjected to the narrow parochialism of a country, a religious institution, a pious contingent."

3 "Ultimately, morality and ethics are not modes of conduct arising from constraint, from law or fear: the conduct arises from love."

4 "Magnified and sanctified be His great name in the world which he has created according to His will." Aramaic prayer

5 "Love is not a romantic idyll, but a country, an atmosphere one inhabits in which the wounds of alienation are healed, broken friendships restored."

6 "If we sit still long enough, we can perhaps hear, as Julian of Norwich heard, that 'everything is finally going to be all right' – that we are accepted and loved beyond our wildest imagining and that, whatever the circumstances in which we find ourselves, no matter how ragged and tattered our life, God is present to hold and to heal us."

7 "God is the ground and basis of all reality – one might say that He is the ultimately Real reality, alive and dynamic in everything that is….From creation to the present, God acts within history, and within the most intimate points of our lives and activities."

8 "The divine will is not a restriction imposed on us, a destiny from which we cannot escape: it is a loving reality far more benevolent, and far more effective on our behalf, than our own will could ever effect."

9 "What we call past and future are all present to God in an eternal now."

10 "We are ever in the presence of God."

11 "All creation is subject to infinite, unconquerable goodness."

12 "We are comprehended, accepted, grasped in the core of our being, loved by infinite Love."

13 "The philosopher Maurice Blondel put it well: 'God manifests His more-than-normal goodness by more-than-normal signs.' They are everywhere."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite