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The Mind of Jesus
William Barclay

1 "No man is an isolated unit; we are all bound up together in the bundle of life."

2 "God [is] in the life and the actions and the things of every day."

3 "I learned to pray, not because I had adequately argued out prayer's rationality, but because I desperately needed help from a Power greater than my own. I learned that God, much more than a theological proposition, is an immediately available Resource." Harry Emerson Fosdick

4 "As William Temple put it: 'Jesus taught men to see the operation of God in the regular and the normal – in the rising of the sun and the falling of the rain and the growth of the plant.' Everything in God's world was to him a road to lead men's thoughts to God."

5 "God is near you, with you, within you….a holy spirit sits within us." Seneca

6 "With a kind of divine extravagance love gives everything it has, and never counts the cost."

7 "The love of God is at one and the same time completely universal and completely individual. As Augustine so beautifully expressed it: 'God loves each one of us as if there was only one of us to love.' With God there is no one who is lost in the crowd."

8 "Knowledge of God is not open only to the few, the philosopher, the theologian, the man of high intellectual stature and of great intellectual calibre. It is open to all, even to the simplest. The reason for this is that it is a knowledge which is based on love."

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