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The Mythic Tarot
Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene

1 "Somewhere within us, no matter how lost or confused we might be at any point in life, there is something within which has foresight and resources which are often hidden from consciousness but which can divine what direction to take and what choices to make."

2 "Mythic images are really spontaneous pictures, sprung from the human imagination, which describe in poetic language essential human experiences and essential human patterns of development."

3 "The Neoplatonic-Hermetic movement believed that the human being was in essence a microcosm of the greater universe, and that therefore self-knowledge – knowledge of the soul – was the path through which one might reconnect with one's divine origins."

4 "Archetypal means a pattern which is universal and existent in all people in all cultures at all periods of history."

5 "There is an intelligent and orderly plan behind the apparently random changes in life."

6 "The World Snake, called 'Ouroboros' in Greek, was said to be itself both male and female, self-impregnating, self-feeding, immortal and complete. Thus it is the mythic image for both God and nature."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite