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The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets
Barbara G. Walker

1 "As our body while consisting of human members is yet held together by one soul, so the universe is to be thought of as an immense living being which is held together by one soul." Origen

2 "Greek democracy was based on the idea that through enlightenment and reason each citizen would become capable of self-government and would make no moral errors."

3 "In the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, the Golden Rule was a proverb sacred to Maat, the Mother of Justice, 'Do the other good, that he may do good to you.'"

4 "Seneca said, 'A holy spirit dwells within us.' Epictetus wrote: 'You are bearing a God with you….It is within yourself that you carry him.'"

5 "A Sumerian prayer declared: 'Hear O ye regions….magnify the Creatress, exalt the dignified, exalt the Glorious One, draw nigh unto the Mighty Lady.'"

6 "In the cyclic system of the ancients, birth and death merged in a circular continuum."

7 "Love of God and one's neighbor is the whole of the commandments." Anonymous Dominican nun, 19th century

8 "Socrates's famous dictum 'Know thyself' was Stoic aphorism for knowing God. Fusing divinity with self produced 'conscience.'"

9 "Anuket [Egyptian Goddess] was known as 'The One.' She was self-begotten and self-produced."

10 "Babylonians called the Great Mother Aya, the Mother of All Things."

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