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Turning Toward the Mystery: A Seeker's Journey
Stephen Levine

1 "It is said the blood-soaked goddess Kali is transformed into the golden goddess Durga when we meet our fear with loving-kindness."

2 "Consciousness solidifies into matter at one extreme and is boundless suchness at the other, in which there is no 'other', but only the One Itself itself."

3 "We honor the mystery with trust in the process."

4 "Visit the frightened, the elderly, the ill. Be a mentor, remind each other of our true nature, and in particular honor others…..see their Great Nature."

5 "Only love makes things real. The more we love, the more real we become."

6 "Awareness heals."

7 "As the Kyoto Zen Master said, 'Reminding others of the enormity of their own Great Nature is the highest service one can offer another."

8 "To paraphrase one precious teacher, love tells me I am everything. And wisdom tells me I am everything else. And between these two my life flows."

9 "Circular yantras appear in most spiritual and religious practice. A peek through to the collective cortex perhaps. From the sand paintings of the Navajo to the floor mosaics and dome designs of many churches, synagogues, mosques, and cathedrals."

10 "The will toward mystery has an urge to unite, to love and be loved, to enter into the mystery of self and other. To go past such duality to the One that lies beyond thought or thinker, to the heart of the unspeakable wholeness and delight that patiently awaits our inward arrival."

11 "With incarnation comes responsibility; beings need each other's help."

12 "The first name of creation is Mother of Us All."

13 "This healing we receive, this continuation of our birth, as we delve into the mystery for a deeper glimpse of ourselves is clearly for the benefit of all."

14 "There is only One of which all else is composed."

15 "All great spiritual beings are just the pure emanation of that one soul we all share, the one we call the One."

16 "None of us is separate from the pain that any of us carry."

17 "Always love has been as good a word for the Divine as I could imagine."

18 "I learned early on that 'God Is Love' in the midst of turmoil."

19 "We are love, God, nothing more or less than Itself itself."

20 "Under it all we are the One Light of Buddha Nature."

21 "Though we have lost our way ten thousand times, the longing just beyond the boundaries of the ordinary mind continues to trust and taste. We are irrationally hopeful, and that's often what it takes."

22 "When we forgive ourselves there is room now for another. When we forgive others there is room then for the rest of the world. Forgiveness gradually retrieves the heart. And with it a sense of all the hearts struggling at that moment to the surface."

23 "We are each a cell in the body of humanity."

24 "What moves thoughts through the mind is precisely what moves the clouds across the sky. All are a part of the same continuum of creation unfolding."

25 "As one fellow put it, 'One soul is big enough for all of us. In fact, that is the One to which so many belief systems separately refer.'"

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite