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The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View
Richard Tarnas

1 "Archetypes form the world and also stand beyond it. They manifest themselves within time and yet are timeless. They constitute the veiled essence of things."

2 "It is the law of the universal Logos that everything is defined by, tends toward, and is ultimately balanced by its opposite, so that all opposites ultimately constitute a unity."

3 "Aristotle regarded the mind as something that is eternally active, and indeed divine and immortal."

4 "The entire universe exists in a continual outflow from the One into created multiplicity, which is then drawn back to the One."

5 "For Thomas Aquinas, God was not only the supreme Form drawing nature forth, but was also the very ground of nature's existence."

6 "Thales affirmed both a single unifying primary substance and a divine omnipresence."

7 "All created beings participate firstly and most significantly in God's nature."

8 "Created things participate in Existence, which is from God, the infinite self-subsistent ground of all being."

9 "Man can rise to the consciousness of the World Soul – thereby becoming in actuality what he already is potentially."

10 "Being is by its nature a dynamic tendency toward the Absolute…..all creation begins and ends with, goes forth and returns to, the supreme One."

11 "At the heart of Plato's conception of the world was the notion of a transcendent intelligence that rules and orders all things."

12 "Every created thing possesses a true reality founded in God's infinite reality."

13 "The earliest [Greek] philosophers perceived nature and divinity as intertwined."

14 "Happiness is the consequence not of physical or external circumstances, of wealth or power or reputation, but of living a life that is good for the soul."

15 "No one ever does wrong knowingly, for it is the very nature of the good that when it is known, it is desired."

16 "Although wayward chance and irrational necessity are real and have their place, they exist within a greater structure informed and governed by the universal intelligence."

17 "In recognizing the universal in singular things the human mind is intellectually participating, however indirectly, in the original pattern by which God created that thing."

18 "God is 'be-ing' itself."

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