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1 "The essence of life and God and love and YOU is freedom!" What God Wants (Neale Donald Walsch)

2 "Proclaim the light of God that never fails. Stand before the tribunal of the world and speak the truth, and see how truth will set you free." Quietly Comes the Buddha: Awakening Your Inner Buddha Nature (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

3 "Freewill resides in Manas [Mind], being the representative of Mahat, the Universal Mind." The Astral Body (Arthur E. Powell)

4 "Fundamentally, I believe history teaches us a categorical lesson: that once a people are determined to become free, then nothing can stop them from reaching their goal." Desmond Tutu (b. 1931), South African cleric, 'The Words of Desmond Tutu' The Great Thoughts (George Seldes, compiler)

5 "By virtue of his soul and his spiritual powers of intellect and will, man is endowed with freedom, an outstanding manifestation of the divine image." Catechism of the Catholic Church (Various)

6 "Man is created with free will and is master over his acts." Catechism of the Catholic Church (Various)

7 "There is the freedom to understand your own reality, to develop your abilities further, and to feel more deeply the nature of your own existence as a part of All That Is." Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Jane Roberts)

8 "The freedom of the one reality is the self-determination to realize love." The Unity of Reality (Michael vonBruck)

9 "Consciousness corresponds exactly to the living being's power of choice; it is coextensive with the fringe of possible action that surrounds the real action; consciousness is synonymous with invention and with freedom." Henri Bergson (1859-1941), professor at College de France A Treasury of Philosophy, Vol. 1 (Dagobert D. Runes, editor)

10 "You are…a world in yourself, a microcosm, who has the image and likeness of God in your very being because you have a mind to know and a will to do. You're free." Theodore M. Hesburgh, priest, author, social activist, 'Making a Difference' A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

11 "Journeying from the relative toward the Absolute means at once losing the freedom of living in error and gaining freedom from the tyranny of all the psycho-material determinations which imprison and stifle the soul." Seyyed Hossein Nasr, 'Knowledge and the Sacred' Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

12 "Human freedom consists in knowing the unity of atman (the Self) and the cosmic order." The Unity of Reality (Michael vonBruck)

13 "Evolution, by the very mechanism of its syntheses, is constantly acquiring greater freedom." Building the Earth (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

14 "To the question 'What must I do to free myself?' Zen replies: 'There is nothing you need do since you have never been enslaved and since there is nothing in reality from which you can free yourself." Hubert Benoit, contemporary French philosopher, 'The Supreme Doctrine' The Quotable Spirit (Peter Lorie and Manuela D Mascetti, editors)

15 "Human freedom is a force for growth and maturity in truth and goodness." Catechism of the Catholic Church (Various)

16 "Every human person, created in the image of God, has the natural right to be recognized as a free and responsible being. All owe to each other this duty of respect." Catechism of the Catholic Church (Various)

17 "The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time." Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), 'Summary View of the Rights of British America' Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition (John Bartlett)

18 "A sense of inner freedom is achieved when the personal will is aligned to the Will of the Collective Source." Soul Centered Astrology, A Key to Your Expanding Self (Alan Oken)

19 "Religious traditions generally consider that humans do have free will." The Seven Human Powers: Luminous Shadows of the Self (Shirley J. Nicholson)

20 "The Sovereign Ruler created all intelligent nature free and self-determining." St. Gregory Palamas, 'Topics of Natural and Theological Science' The Philokalia, volume 4 (various authors, compiled by St. Nikodimos and St. Makarios)

21 "New perceptions of possibility for a sustainable society that envision a compassionate consciousness infusing the world, in which love is the unifying force that makes global reconciliation possible, need to be adopted by those who aspire to freedom." Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

22 "Freedom is an essentially spiritual attribute, underlying the entire evolutionary process; this should always be remembered as a strengthening and conditioning reality by all men everywhere. It has survived aeons of opposition from the principle of enslaving selfishness and is largely responsible, at this time, for the struggle in which we are all participating." The Rays and The Initiations (Alice A. Bailey)

23 "We fulfill our destiny by exercising our free will." The Unfolding Self: Varieties of Transformative Experience (Ralph Metzner)

24 "By offering freedom you will be free." A Course in Miracles (Helen Schucman and William Thetford)

25 "Since the beginning of time,…the vast mass of beings of which we form a part has been tenaciously and tirelessly climbing towards a fuller measure of freedom, of sensibility, of inner vision." Toward the Future (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite