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Living Wholeness
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1 "We are inescapably all members of one another." Rose Terlin, contemporary American editor and writer, 'Christian Faith and Social Action' The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

2 "Wholeness, according to the perennial psychology, is WHAT is real and ALL that is real. A radically separate, isolated and bounded entity does not exist anywhere. There are no seams in the world, in things, in people or in God." The Atman Project (Ken Wilber)

3 "Your Self is simultaneously localized in your body and pervading the entire universe." Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire (Deepak Chopra)

4 "Classical science has always viewed the state of a system as a whole as merely the result of interaction of its parts. However, the quantum potential stood this view on its ear and indicated that the behavior of parts is actually organized by the whole." Michael Talbot, 'The Holographic Universe', Harper Collins 1991, p. 41 The Alchemy of Healing (Edward C. Whitmont, MD)

5 "It is profitable for you to live in an unblameable unity, that you may always have a fellowship with God." The Epistle of Ignatius to the Ephesians, ch. I, v. 17 The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden (various)

6 "Instead of understanding the world in parts, we need to think about the whole." Wes Jackson As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

7 "All sentient beings are members of one body, even as the Christian seer St. Paul perceived." The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation (W. Y. Evans-Wentz, compiler and editor)

8 "'Conspiration'…is the aptitude of different consciousnesses, taken in a group, to unite (by language and countless other, more obscure links) so as to constitute a single All, in which, by way of reflexion, each element is conscious of its aggregation to all the rest." The Vision of the Past (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

9 "All of existence and consciousness is interwoven." Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Jane Roberts)

10 "Consciousness does not appear to itself chopped up in bits….A 'river' or a 'stream' are the metaphors by which it is most naturally described." William James (1842-1910), 'The Principles of Psychology' Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition (John Bartlett)

11 "Everything in the universe is related to everything else." How To Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation (Rudolf Steiner)

12 "Primitive man was not disposed to separate his own soul from the world-soul. Soul is soul, invisible power that moves in the wind, so how can it be chopped up and compartmentalized?" Origins of the Sacred (Dudley Young)

13 "The forces set in motion by every act of man or bird, animal, insect, or bacterium move out to affect the lives of many other creatures." The Web of Life (John H. Storer)

14 "The universe is one, infinite…There is no proportionate part, nor part at all, which differs from the whole." Giordano Bruno, 'De la Causa', Dialogue 5 Ethics (Benedict Spinoza)

15 "Who is our neighbor? The Samaritan? The outcast? The enemy? Yes, yes, of course. But it is also the whale, the dolphin and the rainforest. Our neighbor is the entire community of life, the entire universe. We must love it all as our self." Brian Patrick, author Spiritual Literacy, Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life (Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat)

16 "In a sense, I am we." Mirrors of The Self, Archetypal Images That Shape Your Life (Christine Downing, editor)

17 "In relating the things of the earth to the celestial, and those of heaven to the inferior, the Chaldeans have shown in the mutual affections between these parts of the universe (which are separated in space but not in essence) the harmony that unites them in a sort of musical accord." Philo Judaeus The History of Magic and the Occult (Kurt Seligmann)

18 "The song of kinship sings throughout creation and binds us all, one to another." Origins of the Sacred (Dudley Young)

19 "As a culture-wide paradigm shift makes its presence felt, people are searching frantically for a New Story to give their lives meaning….the New Story involves our reunion with the natural world, based on the interconnectedness of all living systems." As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

20 “We are in an All and are that All.” Mary Within (David Richo)

21 "Now I am moving back….back to the Whole, where I belong….what joy to return….Yes, now I know what I am, what I have been from the beginning, what I always will be….a part of the Whole, the restless part that desires to return, yet lives to seek expression in doing, creating, building, giving, growing, leaving more than it takes, and above all desires to bring back gifts of love to the Whole….the paradox of total unity and the continuity of the part. I know the Whole….I am the Whole….even as a part I am the totality." Robert Monroe, 'The Ultimate Journey' The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (Stanislav Grof)

22 "Could it be that the human heart and the world's heart are one in their self-surpassing? We believe that they are. As we grow in love and strength, we become vehicles for the world's growth." The Life We Are Given, A Long-Term Program for Realizing the Potential of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul (George Leonard and Michael Murphy)

23 "Like all things, the human mind follows the principle inherent in its own essence, and, as we find it to be through all of Nature, this principle is that it realize itself, integrate itself, become whole in relation to its potentialities." Jung's Psychology and Its Social Meaning (Ira Progoff, Ph.D.)

24 "The whole reflects into every part." The Glorious Presence (Ernest E. Wood)

25 "All living things are part of the whole, placed there by divine plan and purpose." The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation (The Findhorn Community)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite