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The Christ
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1 "Christ is our representative. He exemplifies what we are all capable of…. Indeed, St. Anthenasius (c. 196-373) went so far as to state that God became man so that man might become God." Living Christianity (Martin Palmer)

2 "We are ready to move from analysis to synthesis, from the knowledge of the head to thinking with the heart, which can bring us to the beating heart of reality, to the tabernacle of our being, the Inner Christ." Divine Light and Fire, Experiencing Esoteric Christianity (Peter Roche deCoppens)

3 "Christ Jesus is the representative, the embodiment of the power which imparts to mankind the full consciousness of the 'I am'." Rudolf Steiner, 'The Gospel of Matthew' The Imagination of Pentecost: Rudolf Steiner & Contemporary Spirituality (Richard Leviton)

4 "The most profound idea of Christianity [is] that the Christ is the Spirit of the earth and that the earth is His body or vesture." The Essential Steiner (Rudolf Steiner, edited by Robert A. McDermott)

5 "Jesus said, My Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Gospel of Nicodemus, ch. 7, v. 4 The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden (various)

6 "As an idea, the resurrection is the realisation that God is divinely generous, that he does not take away again what he has once given and granted, but that his gifts – existence, consciousness, freedom, and creative activity – are valid for all eternity." Covenant of the Heart, Meditations of a Christian Hermeticist on the Mysteries of Tradition (Valentin Tomberg)

7 "Jesus said, 'Take heed of the Living One." The Gospel of Thomas (2nd century Gnostic text) The Other Bible (Willis Barnstone, editor)

8 "In the life of Christ we have the most complete and perfect demonstration and example of divinity lived successfully on earth, and lived – as most of us have to live – not in retirement, but in the full tide of storm and stress." From Bethlehem to Calvary (Alice A. Bailey)

9 "Christ espoused the sinner and did not condemn him. The true follower of Christ will do the same, and, since one should do unto others as one would do unto oneself, one will also take the part of the sinner who is oneself." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

10 "Have you read the beginning of the Epistle to the Colossians (Chapter 1, verses 12-23), and tried to give it the full, organic meaning it requires? Here Christ appears as a true soul of the World." Letters to Two Friends: 1926-1952 (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

11 "To abide in Christ is not a matter of religious belief but of alignment with the very nature of reality." Theodore J. Nottingham, 'The Mysticism of Christian Teaching' The Inner West, An Introduction to the Hidden Wisdom of the West (Jay Kinney, editor)

12 "The way through to the vision of the Son of Man and the knowledge of God, which is the heart of contemplative prayer, is by unconditional love of thy neighbor, of the nearest THOU to hand." Bishop John Robinson, 'Honest to God' Macmillan Dictionary of Religious Quotations (Margaret Pepper, editor)

13 "The heartbeat of the Cosmic Christ fills the universe with overflowing love, binding all things together on earth and in heaven." The Coming of the Cosmic Christ (Matthew Fox)

14 "The only fact which I have never questioned and of which I am eternally sure is the fact of Christ Himself. I do know Whom I have believed. That fact has stood the test and is no longer on the basis of belief but of knowledge. Christ IS." The Unfinished Autobiography (Alice A. Bailey)

15 "Had there not been an affinity - magnet! - between the figure of the Redeemer and certain contents of the unconscious, the human mind would never have been able to perceive the light shining in Christ and seize upon it so passionately." 'Aion' Collected Works (Carl Jung)

16 "I know that the Christ life in the human heart can lead all from death to immortality." The Unfinished Autobiography (Alice A. Bailey)

17 "The message of Jesus issued directly from being possessed by a definite experience of God and a notion of the divine will." Heaven, A History (Colleen McDannell & Bernhard Lang)

18 "Christ of glory, hidden power stirring in the heart of matter, glowing centre in which the unnumbered strands of the manifold are knit together; whose brow is of snow, whose eyes are of fire, whose feet are more dazzling than gold poured from the furnace; you whose hands hold captive the stars; you, the first and the last, the living, the dead, the re-born; you, who gather up in your superabundant oneness every delight, every taste, every energy, every phase of existence, to you my being cries out with a longing as vast as the universe: for you are indeed my Lord and my God." 'Mass Upon the Altar of the World' The Divine Milieu (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

19 "I believe that on a higher level, everyone embodies the archetypal aspects of Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, et cetera. These archetypes of our ideals serve to heal our sense of soul-loss. They help us remember a part of us that we often forget about in everyday life." Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D., 'The Soul and Quantum Physics' Experiencing the Soul (Eliot Jay Rosen, editor)

20 "In Christ may be seen that for which the whole universe has come into existence." Edwin Bevan Living Quotations for Christians (Sherwood Eliot Wirt and Kersten Beckstrom, editors)

21 "He [Christ] reigns and rules over all things in equal power and glory (Ps. 8), and by his most powerful word preserveth and upholdeth all things (Hebr. 1) and maketh all things one (Acts 17)." 'Aquarium sapientium' Collected Works (Carl Jung)

22 "It is Christ himself, in the very depths of our being, who seeks to be born and grow greater in our bodies and souls." Science and Christ (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

23 "The inner spiritual man bears a resemblance to Christ." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

24 "Throughout my life, by means of my life, the world has become almost completely luminous from within…Such has been my experience in contact with the earth – the diaphany of the Divine at the heart of the universe on fire….Christ; his heart; a fire: capable of penetrating everywhere and, gradually, spreading everywhere." The Divine Milieu (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

25 "Although the birth of Christ is an event that occurred but once in history, it has always existed in eternity. For the layman in these matters, the identity of a non temporal, eternal event with a unique historical occurrence is something that is extremely difficult to conceive. He must, however, accustom himself to the idea that 'time' is a relative concept and needs to be complemented by that of the 'simultaneous' existence, in the Bardo or pleroma, of all historical processes. What exists in the pleroma as an eternal process appears in time as an aperiodic sequence, that is to say, it is repeated many times in an irregular pattern." 'Answer to Job' Collected Works (Carl Jung)

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