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Living Wholeness
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1 "The manifested Universe reflects itself in each of its Monads, as Leibnitz put it." The Secret Doctrine (Helena P. Blavatsky)

2 "Nothing in the universe exists independently of your own consciousness." Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, poet, 'Old Path White Clouds: The Life Story of the Buddha' The Quotable Spirit (Peter Lorie and Manuela D Mascetti, editors)

3 "The cosmos is a gigantic organism evolving according to laws which are valid everywhere and therefore generate a universal harmony." A God Within (Rene Dubos)

4 "The whole system of occult or esoteric revelation is based on this wonderful doctrine of interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking, and of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another; everywhere and through everything is circulation, transmission, and modes of passing energy from one form to another form." Esoteric Healing (Alice A. Bailey)

5 "Photographs taken through electron microscopes and far-ranging telescopes reveal that images from vastly different scales evoke a feeling of similarity and recognition. A spiral nebula that measures hundreds of light-years across looks remarkably similar to something that measures a thousandth of a centimeter, say the eye of a firefly. One can be seen as the fractal resonance of the other, the resonance of the microcosm to the macrocosm." A Mythic Life, Learning to Live our Greater Story (Jean Houston)

6 "All eyes that look on me are my sole eyes; the one heart that beats within all breasts is mine." Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), Yogic master, 'Sonnets of Cosmic Consciousness' The Quotable Spirit (Peter Lorie and Manuela D Mascetti, editors)

7 "The truth is, of course, that we are all organically related to God, to Nature and to our fellow men." The Perennial Philosophy (Aldous Huxley)

8 "Deep ecological awareness recognizes the fundamental interdependence of all phenomena." The Web of Life, A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems (Fritjof Capra)

9 "I do want to think in terms of the whole world. My patriotism includes the good of mankind in general….Isolated independence is not the goal of the world States; it is voluntary interdependence. The better mind of the world desires today not absolutely independent States, warring one against another, but a federation of friendly, interdependent States." Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), Indian statesman, mystic The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

10 "There is only one method to keep human monads bound to the task of life: to make the passion for the whole prevail in them over elementary egoism, that is to say practically to increase their consciousness of the general evolution of which they are a part." The Vision of the Past (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

11 "Wholeness wants to be transformed from a latent state of unconsciousness into an approximate consciousness of itself." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

12 "Pertinent findings speak of a hitherto unsuspected form and level of coherence in nature. This kind of coherence means a quasi-instantaneously synchronized state, with nonconventional connections between the parts that make up a system, and between the systems and their environment. Such connections seem to obtain over all finite distances and finite times, and they suggest that the 'nonlocality' discovered in the microscopic domain of the quantum may extend into the macroscopic domains of life, mind, and cosmos. Nature, it appears, is made up as a nested hierarchy of nonlocally connected coherent systems." The Connectivity Hypothesis (Ervin Laszlo)

13 "I realize that in 'my' chemistry I am akin to earth and water; I recognize my kinship with flowers and grass and trees, with brooks and lakes and rivers, and I feel their rhythms flow through me with peace and power, as I yield my sense of them-in-separateness to the Unity which is their underlying reality." Ruth Raymond (1878-1969), American art educator, written for this anthology The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

14 "Each life form constitutes a part in larger groups and systems. Animals form colonies, schools, flocks, and herds, and belong to families and species. Individual humans are parts of a family, clan, tribe, culture, nation, gender, race, and so on. Living organisms – plants, animals, and humans – belong to various ecosystems that have developed within the biosphere of our planet. In the complex dynamic structure of the universe, each constituent part is a separate entity, as well as a member of a larger whole. Individuality and participation in a broader context are dialectically combined and integrated." The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (Stanislav Grof)

15 "The practice of looking deeply reveals to us that one thing is made up of all other things. One thing contains the whole universe." Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers (Thich Nhat Hanh)

16 "Although 'wholeness' seems at first sight to be nothing but an abstract idea, it is nevertheless empirical in so far as it is anticipated by the psyche in the form of spontaneous or autonomous symbols. These are the quaternity or mandala symbols, which occur not only in the dreams of modern people who have never heard of them, but are widely disseminated in the historical records of many peoples and many epochs. Their significance as symbols of unity and totality is amply confirmed by history as well as by empirical psychology. What at first looks like an abstract idea stands in reality for something that exists and can be experienced, that demonstrates its a priori presence spontaneously." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

17 "Earth, plant, animal and man are all interdependent." Healing Through Colour (Theo Gimbel)

18 "Just as drops of water lost within the vast sheets of oceans participate in all sorts of common chemical, thermal or capillary relationships; so, at a higher degree of reality, no living mass (whether it is the whole biosphere or a fraction of it) is conceivable… except as permeated and animated by certain forces of solidarity which bring the paricular forms into balance and control the unifying currents within the All." The Vision of the Past (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

19 "There is an underlying unity of being of which we are all part." Inner Christianity, A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition (Richard Smoley)

20 "Every law in the universe…..extends through the entirety of the universe." The Unobstructed Universe (Stewart Edward White)

21 "According to many of the great spiritual traditions, one of the great truths is that 'I am the other.' Without the other, we would not exist. Your soul is the reflection of all souls." Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire (Deepak Chopra)

22 "See yourselves fitting into your rightful place, giving what you have to give to the whole, and so feel part and parcel of that wonderful wholeness, no longer separate or divided, One in thought, word, and deed." The Spirit of Findhorn (Eileen Caddy)

23 "God thinks wholly, God thinks unity, not division, for all – not just a piece – of creation is present to the Creator. And present NOW." WHEE! We, wee All the Way Home (Matthew Fox)

24 "The whole of nature is contained within each of us." Kichizaemon Raku XV, contemporary craftsman The Way of The Earth, Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought (T. C. McLuhan)

25 "All is fused into one great work of art, all forms part of one living whole." The Mystic Way - A Psychological Study in Christian Origins (Evelyn Underhill)

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