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Living Wholeness
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1 "The great law of Unity governs the universe." Louis Charpentier, 'The Mysteries of the Cathedral of Chartres' Divine Light and Love (Peter Roche deCoppens)

2 "God is indivisibly whole, seamless in his Godhood." 'Symeon the New Theologian' (translated by Stephen Mitchell), Son of Man, The Mystical Path to Christ (Andrew Harvey)

3 "This focus of synthesis and unity, this resolution of dualities into greater, more inclusively loving wholes, is fundamental to the New Age." Soul Centered Astrology, A Key to Your Expanding Self (Alan Oken)

4 "On any given day, the events of our private lives fit within the larger pattern of world events, in which they have their context. On any given night the intimate events of our dream lives also exist in the greater context of the world's dreams, in which they have their reality." The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (Jane Roberts)

5 "If enough of us can perceive the new view of wholeness emerging in our times and absorb it into our consciousness so that it permeates our world view, and hence our attitudes and actions, our new vision cannot help but reflect in world attitudes and conditions. As we ourselves become whole and live as intrinsic parts of the Whole, we can begin to re-establish wholeness in our tragically fragmented and divided world." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

6 "He treated the microscopic scene as though it were alive and were inhabited by beings which felt and did and hoped and tried even as we do....A nerve-cell...'groped to find another'!....Listening to him I asked myself how far this capacity for anthro-pomorphizing might not contribute to his success as an investigator." Charles Sherrington, Nobel laureate, writing about Nobel laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal Breaking the Mind Barrier (Todd Siler)

7 "We have only to go down to the shore and look out at the great rushing in and falling back of the sea to see that the force of a wave is determined by each particle within its mass, and that all these particles cumulate to provide the thrust of the tidal whole." The Sphinx and The Rainbow: Brain, Mind and Future Vision (David Loye)

8 "Each man's spirit (though included in diverse bodies) is made all one by the immediate, and first emanation or Universal beam of Unity; and Union in Nature can no more be severed or disjoined, than the bright stream which issues from the center of the Sun." Robert Fludd, Western Esoteric Masters Series (William Huffman, editor)

9 "The universe is one, infinite…There is no proportionate part, nor part at all, which differs from the whole." Giordano Bruno, 'De la Causa', Dialogue 5 Ethics (Benedict Spinoza)

10 "A superficial reading of nature finds differentiation; disparate entities: stars and stones and bottled water and even life and death. At a deeper level that same nature reveals unity." The Hidden Face of God: How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth (Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph.D.)

11 "The sacred, at the core of all physical things, expresses itself in patterns of the Web of Life of the Earth. These patterns are a part of that living bible of the Earth." One Spirit, Many Peoples, A Manifesto for Earth Spirituality (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

12 "There is no such thing as an object cut off from the world-as-a-whole." Intuitive Thinking As A Spiritual Path: A Philosophy of Freedom (Rudolf Steiner)

13 "There are no walls between you and God, no distance, no separation. Looking out through meditative eyes, you see there is no distance, no separation, from others or from the earth that sustains us all." Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God (James Finley)

14 "In the ultimate depth of being, we find ourselves no longer separate but, rather, part of the unity of the universe. That unity includes the sufferer and the suffering, and the healer and that which heals. Therefore, all acts of healing are ultimately our selves healing our Self." Ram Dass As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

15 "Even the smallest acts and the least chores have a significance in the great household of the cosmos." How To Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation (Rudolf Steiner)

16 "Everything interpenetrates." Henri Bergson (1859-1941), professor at College de France A Treasury of Philosophy, Vol. 1 (Dagobert D. Runes, editor)

17 “The unity of all things, their unity within diversity, had been postulated by the [Greek] Eleatic School in the sixth century b.c.” Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)

18 "All there is interpenetrates everything." Dane Rudhyar, 'The Sun Is Also a Star' The Eternal Dance (LaVedi Lafferty and Bud Hollowell, Ph.D.)

19 "There is inherent in man a longing and tendency towards wholeness, and only when this longing is stilled is his negative state of tension wiped out and neutralized." Gerhard Adler (b. 1904), English Jungian analyst, 'Studies in Analytical Psychology' The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

20 "Our presence here (in space), outside the domain of the home planet, was not rooted in an accident of nature or in the capricious political whim of a technological civilization. It was rather an extension of the same universal process that evolved our molecules. And what I felt was an extraordinary personal connectedness with it. I experienced what has been described as an ecstasy of unity. I not only SAW the connectedness, I FELT it and experienced it sentiently. I was overwhelmed with the sensation of physically and mentally extending out into the cosmos." The Way of the Explorer, An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds (Dr. Edgar Mitchell, with Dwight Williams)

21 "What is (the earth) most like?.....It is most like a single cell." Lewis Thomas (b. 1913), 'The Lives of a Cell' Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 16th edition (John Bartlett)

22 "Our own nature, the rhythms of our minds and bodies, are an echo of the greater rhythm of the natural world; we do not exist in isolation, but are parts of an ecompassing whole." Fiona Bowie and Oliver Davies, introduction Hildegard of Bingen, Mystical Writings (Fiona Bowie and Oliver Davies, editors)

23 "The cosmos is ensouled….It is in The Soul, which bears it up, and shares in it wholly." Plotinus, 'The Soul' The Essential Plotinus (Translated by Elmer O'Brien, S.J.)

24 "Each life form constitutes a part in larger groups and systems. Animals form colonies, schools, flocks, and herds, and belong to families and species. Individual humans are parts of a family, clan, tribe, culture, nation, gender, race, and so on. Living organisms – plants, animals, and humans – belong to various ecosystems that have developed within the biosphere of our planet. In the complex dynamic structure of the universe, each constituent part is a separate entity, as well as a member of a larger whole. Individuality and participation in a broader context are dialectically combined and integrated." The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (Stanislav Grof)

25 "Every being can subsist and hold together only through confluence with others." Writings in Time of War (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

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