The Integration of Conceptual Form
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Coordinate frame

Project developed by
Bruce Schuman


Action people

This project is emerging from the "ActionPeople" network linked to the Humanity Rising webinar series.

Proposed project objective, in the words of Lesley Southwick-Trask:

"We want to facilitate the mobilization of a movement comprised of multiple facets aligned around a common purpose - jumping the curve of human evolution."

We are soliciting suggestions and requests from anyone who resonates with this project objective and wants to participate.

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Some obvious things we probably want:

  • Direct connections with any group or organization or individual who could play a constructive role in this context and who would find participation here interesting
  • People or groups who understand "the Oneness paradigm" and want to work together on a "Movement of Movments" ("MOM") project
  • Interfaith, interspiritual, conscious evolution, new paradigm people
  • People or groups with specialized expertise
  • What is our purpose here? What do you want it to be?
  • What do you personally want to accomplish here?

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Suggestions and requests

Bruce Schuman Thu, Nov 19, 2020
I want to see the emergence of excited co-creative teamwork, building comprehensive and enlightened cooperation across the complete spectrum of human experience.

In my opinion, we (ChatAction et al) have the capacity, the skill, the talent, the motivation, the tools to do this.

We can find each other. We can link to one another through co-creation and resonance, and we can build a vitalizing vision for the future of the world and the future of enlightened cooperation.

We mere humans somehow know there is a perfection in reality and in nature. There is something we can see in organic form that tells us there is innate order in existence. We can see it in the stars, in the rocks, in the oceans, in the trees. There is something beautiful, something whole, something deeply true from which reality emerges, and by which somehow all natural and healthy order is maintained.