The Integration of Conceptual Form
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Unit interval


Coordinate frame

Project developed by
Bruce Schuman



In progess

The objective of this project is to take an extremely complicated and often-controversial subject and define it in absolutely simplest possible terms. This simplicity is so astonishing it is almost revelatory.

The "Closed Loop" framework is absolutely interdisciplinary. It is one language, one model, one description, one set of methods, to describe all the major facets of all scientific and philosophical and normal every-day ideas and doctrines through one consistent and totally common-sense framework, that supposedly anybody with normal reasoning power could understand if they took the time to look at it carefully.

This includes science, religion, philosophy, ethics, mathematics, engineering, biology, politics, spirituality, numbers and arithmetic -- absolutely anything that human beings describe and discuss in terms of "concepts". We are proposing a single system for defining the language used for all of these disciplines, and showing how all these language spring out of a common "root", and how, because this is true, all these languages and systems and methods, which may have emerged into the world separately, or perhaps in entirely different cultures or historical epochs, are still variants on the underlying extremely and simply basic principles presented here.

Right cell

We mere humans somehow know there is a perfection in reality and in nature. There is something we can see in organic form that tells us there is innate order in existence. We can see it in the stars, in the rocks, in the oceans, in the trees. There is something beautiful, something whole, something deeply true from which reality emerges, and by which somehow all natural and healthy order is maintained.