Closed Loop Interval Ontology
       The Integration of Conceptual Form


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Project under development
Coalescing and evolving

Closed Loop Interval Ontology
How it works

Objectives and Strategy
Reconciliation and integration

Core Vocabulary
Primary terms

A Universal Foundation
The closed loop ensemble contains
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Core terms on the strip
Closed Loop framework

Reconciliation of perspectives
Holistic view on alternatives

Reconciliation of perspectives
Holistic view on alternatives

We want to explore the possibility of an integrated perspective, that combines the basic point of view and point of contention regarding what is real. Each of these points of view is valid within the limits of its method and purpose.

  • Realism
  • Nominalism
  • Physicalism -
  • Realism, nominalism, conceptualism
    Philosophers agree that human beings can talk and think about universals, but disagree on whether universals exist in reality beyond mere thought and speech.
    Why does this matter? Mere thought and speech? Mere thought and speech exists. That's enough.
    William James: From every point of view, the overwhelming and portentous character ascribed to universal conceptions is surprising. Why, from Plato and Aristotle, philosophers should have vied with each other in scorn of the knowledge of the particular and in adoration of that of the general, is hard to understand, seeing that the more adorable knowledge ought to be that of the more adorable things and that the things of worth are all concretes and singulars. The only value of universal characters is that they help us, by reasoning, to know new truths about individual things.
    Yes, my thought exactly