Closed Loop Interval Ontology
       The Digital Integration of Conceptual Form


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Project under development
Evolving and coalescing

Guiding motivation
Why we do this

Objectives and strategy
Reconciliation and integration

Reconciliation of perspectives
Holistic view on alternatives

What is truth?
How do we know?

What is a concept?
Definitions and alternatives

How meaning is created

Universal Hierarchy
Spectrum of levels

A Universal Foundation
The closed loop ensemble contains
all primary definitions

Dimensions of set theory

Venn diagrams
Topology of sets

Objects in Boolean Algebra
How are they constructed?

Core vocabulary
Primary terms

Core terms on the strip
Closed Loop framework

Hierarchical models

Digital geometry
Euclid in digital space

The digital integration
of conceptual form

Compositional semantics

Closed loop interval ontology
How it works

Cognitive science
The integrated science of mind

What does it mean?

Formal systematic definitions
Core terms

Data structures
Constructive elements
and building blocks

Preserving data under transformation

Steady-state cosmology
In the beginning

Semantic ontology
Domain and universal

From other sources

Steady-state cosmology
In the beginning

We are guessing that the Closed Loop is a plausible and likely interpretation of ancient cosmological visions and some modern cosmology and theology.

Given time, we can document this thesis in high detail. We believe this model has ancient historical roots and might have significant implications for modern science and culture.

This graphic is from an exploratory and speculative Russian site, and uses several graphic metaphor we employ here

  • Uroboros -- serpent swallowing its tail -- perhaps an ancient intuitive metaphor for closed loop or Mobius strip
  • Color spectrum and matrix
  • Yin/Yang
  • Infinity
  • Reconciliation or interpretation of various philosophical perspectives
  • Reality or consciousness is a mental construct