The Integration of Conceptual Form
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Unit interval


Coordinate frame

Project developed by
Bruce Schuman


Unit interval

In progess

"In mathematics, the unit interval is the closed interval [0,1], that is, the set of all real numbers that are greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 1."

"The unit interval as a subset of the real line"

We are approaching the definition of "Oneness" or "Unity" or "Absolute Wholeness" through a very simple and universal mathematical approach.

Whether we are talking spirituality or religion or science or mathematics, from our approach "The One" or "The Whole" is undivided. It is unity. It has no parts. And when conceived in a straightforward way, as the infinite, we are inclined to see it like this:

In our integral model, we define this form not as a single "interval from 0 to 1 on the real line", as per the above Wikipedia definition, but as a strip [A, B, C, D] differentiated into a hierarchical cascade of descending levels.

It is still a single "unit" and a single "interval" -- but when differentiated in this way, it may also be many or thousands or an "infinite number" of units, in a self-contained nested cascade. This idea is often understood in terms of "holons" -- "a whole which is also a part". Conceptual space as we model it here is a "cascade of holons". This, we propose, is the general form of human thinking.

We mere humans somehow know there is a perfection in reality and in nature. There is something we can see in organic form that tells us there is innate order in existence. We can see it in the stars, in the rocks, in the oceans, in the trees. There is something beautiful, something whole, something deeply true from which reality emerges, and by which somehow all natural and healthy order is maintained.