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UCS is sponsored by The Interspirit Foundation, PO Box 23346, Santa Barbara CA USA 93121.

Interspirit is a collaborative interfaith networking system, interconnecting many groups and organization working for intercultural understanding and a better world.

As of Wednesday, April 23, 2014, the Interspirit network includes
59,892 members - 234 groups - 451 subgroups - 3,742 organizations

We anticipate the emergence of new relationships and projects based on our Interspirit connections. Interspirit runs on the same server as UCS, and supports many independent membership web sites. Some of them you can join include

  1. Gather the Women
  2. Global Resonance Network
  3. The Resonance Project
  4. NAIN - North American Interfaith Network
  5. NAEIS - National Association of Ecumenical and Interfaith Staff
  6. SCIN - Southern California Interfaith Network
  7. CPWR Global Network - Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
  8. VPAR - Visions of Peace Among Religions
  9. WIC - World Interfaith Congress
  10. IFV - Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice
  11. CEN - Conscious Evolution Network - Santa Barbara
  12. The Wheel of Religions
The Interspirit network is similar to "Yahoo Groups", in that one network system and online database supports the activity and growth of many independent groups. And one user login identity (username and password) opens the door to participation in many Interspirit networks and projects. When a user is logged in to any one of the above projects, and is a member of more than one of them, they can move easily between networks and websites, through a single drop-down menu. We anticipate that this feature will support the emergence of many interesting possibilities for collaboration between groups.

There are a few introductory articles available, that describe the Interspirit vision:

  1. SPIN Network: Interfaith Collaboration and Development
  2. The Interspirit Network Design
  3. Out of Many: One - Building Universal Spiritual Community - Proposal for Collaborative Negotiations
We expect to provide a quick and simple "passthrough" here on UCS, into a variety of Interspirit projects and networks. Stay tuned.

The Interspirit Foundation

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