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You are invited to join United Communities of Spirit.

Membership is free, and is open to both individuals and groups. Persons of any religion, spiritual tradition, cultural background, or professional or educational status are welcome to join. Membership places you under no obligation, and gives you an opportunity to interact with people of spirit and vision from all over the world. UCS makes no commercial use of information you provide.

New members of UCS are signed up to our Forum. If you do not wish to receive UCS Forum email, log into your account and set your Forum email subscription to "No".

As a way of ensuring that the email address you provide is correct, you will be emailed a password to your UCS account. Use this password to log in to your membership. If you wish, you can change your password after you log in. If you don't receive a password by email, it is likely that you entered an incorrect email address.

UCS requests that new members register using their real name. After you have completed the registration process and logged in, you can update your profile, and enter a "screen name" (pseudonym) if you wish. We also request that any information you provide in your registration be true and real. You are not allowed to create more than one UCS account.

Please note: UCS is an open and public internet forum, and membership here may cause a link to your UCS profile or messages to be found by search engines. After you log in, you can conceal your email address and other personal information if you wish.

For further detail on privacy and UCS policies, you can review our privacy policy.

Please complete the below information. All fields except website URLs are required.

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We request this information regarding location in order to support the development of local networks.

Please list your nation. If your nation is not on this list, select "Not listed" and add your nation to the list from your "Update My Profile" page after you are logged in.

Faith Tradition
Please list your faith tradition. If your tradition is not on this list, pick the one that is closest, and you can add your tradition after you are logged in.

Do you wish to subscribe to The Global Spirituality Report (news regarding the Lightweaver network - 3867 members)?
The GSR is usually brief and sent no more often than once a week.
"We believe that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system, that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions, and coordinates the participation of millions of people." - Lightweaver Credo

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Do you wish to join the Lightweaver group?
Lightweavers agree to treat each other with respect and sensitivity, and to maintain "resonance" in all their interactions, as per this agreement (view):

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Personal introduction
Please tell us a little bit about yourself - anything you wish to share with others, such as your interests and hobbies, your profession, your spiritual beliefs, your hopes for the future, and your interest in meeting other people on this network. Leave a blank line between paragraphs.

UCS Code of Conduct Please review and confirm your acceptance (view)

I have reviewed the UCS Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.

To the best of my knowledge and awareness, all statements and information in this registration are true and correct. I do not have an existing UCS membership.

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