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Who is a Lightweaver?

We believe that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system
that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions
and coordinates the participation of millions of people.

In a process of sacred coalescence that unites the lightbearers of this planet in one communion,
we are working together to build a global network of spiritual light.

Our network combines insights from every religion and spiritual tradition, as we seek to build illuminated community among the people of the world.
We share a vision of unity in diversity, that honors plurality, and recognizes the great richness of alternative spiritual perspectives and interpretations.
But we also recognize a universal transcendence that bonds the human community as one.


The UCS project was begun in late 1995, following a meeting with a friend who was proposing this idea to the leadership of what eventually became the United Religions Initiative, a leading interfaith organization. Following her initial vision, a simple web site emerged. The basis for membership in UCS was this "Lightweaver Credo" - if you believe this, or something like this, you belong here, and we want you.

A few years later, we decided that UCS should be more traditionally interfaith. Not everyone who loves interfaith might accept this idea; lets broaden our appeal, aim for anyone interested in interfaith things, and let this Credo be the basis of belief for a special group of people who do share this vision. We'll call these special people "Lightweavers". That has been our basis since the late 1990's.

But today, following years of experience with mainline interfaith, and involvement in many other online projects that support the work of mainline interfaith groups, we are now turning back to our original vision. We are exploring what it means to create an interfaith community that is based on a shared and universal spirituality, that the group itself defines.

We believe that this is a powerful and significant idea, emerging in a primal way as a shared response to the complex forces that are shaping spirituality in the world today. People are hungry for an effective and simple spirituality, that is consistent with the great and tested ideas of the world's religions, but they want a new form of organization. In the past, religious philosophy and "new religions" have emerged through the genius of an inspired charismatic leader, claiming direct connection with the divine, and bringing a message based on that claim. In a global and diverse context, where the demands for authenticity and inclusion are absolute, at UCS we are exploring what it means to authenticate our core spirituality on the basis of shared experience.


One new idea that is emerging for us is the concept of "Resonance". Is there some wordless basis for spiritual unity and communion, that transcends or simply avoids the need for detailed doctrines and complex rule books? In a globally diverse context, human experience indicates that "the lovers of the Divine" do recognize one another, and have little trouble relating to one another in an intimate way -- despite great differences in background, tradition, or ideology. Resonance is an idea based on "energy", and can perhaps be described as "beyond words". In our Lightweaver project, as we come together from all over the world, picking up some corner of this large task, we are following the core ideas of resonance as the basis of our relationships.

Resonance is about listening, about receptivity, about making our relationships more important than our "need to be right", or our claims to a uniquely authentic ideological perspective. The core concept of resonance is a kind of universal communion, that follows the traditional Hindu idea of "Namaste". "The God in me honors and recognizes the God in you" -- and indeed, in a way that is beyond words, the God in me becomes one with the God in you -- and yet even more -- the God in you thus becomes, and is authenticated as, the same God that is in me.

I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, and of Peace.
When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, We are One.
This is a strong confirmation of a universal and "objective" divine presence, as independent people from anywhere adopt these basic principles of humility and receptivity, and, in so doing, discover a common humanity, and a common divinity.


The Lightweaver Initiative is a collective effort to build a collaborative team and network-based approach to community projects and development. There are many tasks jointly facing "Earth's Community of Religions", and many of them are far too complicated for any single individual to undertake. We are convinced that a "team-based approach", employing Internet tools and connectivity, can harness the great creative energy and motivational drive of "lightworkers everywhere", who can lend their energy and vision to this work at their convenience, from anywhere in the world. A well-organized and comprehensive team-based approach can undertake very large and detailed tasks, and could bring into the world a variety of solutions and new ideas that cannot and will not emerge in any other way.


The ultimate objective of the Lightweaver Initiative can be understood in very simple terms. Insofar as the nature of Namaste, as explained above, is "resonance", we can say that

The objective of the Lightweaver Initiative is the expansion and interconnection of the global resonant field.

It is our dream and hope that "the circle shall be unbroken".


We are offering several levels of personal involvement in the Lightweavers project, involving an increasing degree of commitment and dedication.

  1. Be a UCS member in good standing, and subscribe to an occasional Lightweaver update by email
  2. Agree with the Lightweavers Credo - join the Lightweavers group
  3. Join a Lightweaver Team - work with us on a project - agree to work with others in a spirit of "resonance"
  4. Commit to a "Lightweavers Code of Conduct" - agree to live a life dedicated to spiritual ideals and following spiritual principles (to be collectively defined)


Lightweavers is a collaborative network project, that depends on its team members to create and build solutions to the issues we consider. We are reaching out in many directions, and taking on a wide array of interconnected tasks. If you "love the light", and have the time and energy to involve yourself in internet projects - you may belong with us. Please take a few minutes to consider what it would mean to become a Lightweaver Volunteer, working with others on some aspect of this work. You may find this opportunity a thrilling fulfillment of some of your deepest dreams.

Click here to explore our current Volunteer opportunities.


Our graphics on UCS are meant to symbolize our philosophy and vision. The individual candle represents the spiritual flame of one person, and the Sun represents our collective flame.


There is a long and expanding history on this word "Lightweaver". There are other groups in the world today using this name, and it has been used as a surname. Our first awareness of the term was as early as 1988, when this phrase emerged as a creative response to the word "Netweaver", which was then being used by another group. We printed business cards in 1988 using the term "Lightweaver". Today, we encourage "lightweaving" wherever and however it can unfold, and we are happy to support Lightweavers everywhere.


There are many beautiful paths to the divine, and our teachers, from every culture and every historical epoch, have not failed us. But today, we are entering into a new historical epoch, and we are struggling to establish a legitimately universal spirituality that can be shared across the borders of culture. In this encounter, we enter in to a roundtable of the traditions, and we work together to synthesize a new vision.

If you are a person who recognizes this issue, and knows in your soul that the spiritual path must be defined and empowered in a universal way, you may be a Lightweaver. If you are prepared to give yourself to this task, and you know that your spirituality cannot mature or be fully expressed until you do -- you may be a Lightweaver.

If you know in your soul that your life must be consecrated in service, and you are prepared to work in harmony and humble relationship with brothers and sisters from all over the world, weaving thread by thread a new tapestry of divine unity, and you know you can't live in any other way -- you may be a Lightweaver.


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