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From: S'ace deGroot,, 4/27/12
Msg. No: 47165, Sent by Email: Yes, Edited: 4/27/12 Topic: General, Reply to: 47163
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an anecdĂ´te - 1991 (20')

in remember NN in a board for a swimmingstation

NN got a free ticket for the use of the facilities

( ol'habits, U know ;-)

then NN took its advantage for that, as a reality boy/girl/humane scout

when the sauna was opened

NN framed a special clock for the sauna - waterproof

within it a triangle and the 3 markers E99

and below the text


} recently the clock was still there ticking for 21 years {

ha ~ to my folly this NN story outrages my imaginations to NN's work

it must have been astrological sign CANCER

fooling (US) all around

the classical way



some cities

!!! MAYA 2012 ???


seems to be the 7th chakra

that is in & - AMPERsand , the 27th character

ad it is the 7the vowel of 7, the one in the Crown

create and own ur planet

with everyone engaging the similar

|~{ ... }~:

open the eyes that were blinded just to get at this point


( in fact the picture contains mantra's in the 6th column )

(( maybe an experience for mrs Esther Hurst and her free ends ))

') 20 seems to be the archetype for the sun.
having 26 characters in the alphabet : 6 vowels & 20 consonants
so sun at 26 in the ol' makes it 20 in the new - agree?
then the WORLDBRIDGER (26 minus 20 -> 6) gives opportunity from death
6th SUN is arizing from the specie we represent at love & life means into a VOID that sparks the ion at 28 - (de)fined field "GOD", with no values at all

this all meaning from an NN pelgrims seat: we are shifting the odds
7777 into 9991

A book is closed as the last in a series of methods

lets see what comes up

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