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Santa Barbara California USA 93121
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Faith: Holy Spirit Universalist
Relationship status: Single
Profession: Writer/contractor/network builder
Organization: Origin Research
UCS Member since: 12/14/1994
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Personal Introduction
I have been on the spiritual path since the late 1970's. I have always been interested in the path of transcendence -- what I take to be the way of the prophets and the saints. I believe in, and have pursued, the "white fire" initiations of pure energy and absolute self-transformation.

But the universe -- God, social conditions, the interconnectivity of all life, my karma, whatever -- have conspired to bond me to this networking endeavor, and interactions with other souls. Fully unfolding the individual divine potential, it seems, has been put on hold, in honor of the Bodhissatva path, the path (as they say) of selfless service to others.

But for me, this isn't really as noble (or pretentious) as it sounds. It's just "how it is" -- for me, and, I suspect, for many other folks as well, as we collectively slouch towards the Bethlehem of our mutual enlightenment and transfiguration.

For me, electronic networking is a core aspect of my religious beliefs. I don't do this work against the backdrop of my faith -- but as an inherent and deeply-felt part of it. I "believe in" the internet, in connectivity, in collaboration -- in the idea that no one guru or saint or set of saints and prophets has all the answers for all the people.

I think we're all in this together, and we're working on a process that is going to allow us to enlighten one another, to collectively educate and illuminate one another.

This is the "all-seeing eye", the expanded vision of our highest dreams. No one of us perhaps can "see it all." But collectively, together, as we teach one another, and learn from one another -- we can.

Thanks for being here.

Santa Barbara, California

Hey. Thanks for being here.

I was born in Berkeley California. I grew up in Monterey. I went to college at UC Santa Cruz. I was a "beatnik" and a "hippie".

I studied hard in college -- working on ideas having to do with "mandalas". I created a theory of logic based on mandalas -- a Hindu concept for "magic circle" -- and out of those explorations came a sea of technical and philosophical ideas -- "Algebraic Epistemology" and "Synthetic Dimensionality".

"The Many and the One" -- understood in terms of algebraic semantics....

And then I decided that all of this theory had to mean something, and probably would find its place and meaning in the context of online networks. So -- I got into networks years ago. I actually built my first online system (a "bulletin board") twenty years ago -- in 1986.

More later. :)

Web Site
Description: Support for interfaith groups and organizations

- Building bridges of understanding
- Epistemology and semantics
- Cold Fusion/database programming
- Network development
- Listening

- Unfolding divine alignment
- Finding and uniting people who love
- Awakening to new understanding or friendship

- Develop a useful and friendly network system that can bring together the most deeply spiritual people of this planet, regardless of their religious background.
- Realize my own spiritual/divine identity in its fullest potential, while remaining engaged with humanity and our collective evolution.

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