Leonard Wilkinson


Preston Lancashire, UK United Kingdom PR3 1EL
URL 1: None
Email subscription: Yes
Faith: ALL Are ONE
Relationship status: Married
Profession: Retired
Organization: None
UCS Member since: 11/20/1998
Last login: 9/22/2013
Last update: 9/22/2013

Personal Introduction
I am a simple, wise man, loving myself and enjoying life tremendously, but humbly, made in Gods image,(Imagination), that I am.

Principles of my understanding are that we each, individually (and collectively) create our own reality, absolutely. There are no chance events or accidents, no disasters or mishaps that we do not create,co-create or choose. We are our own creators, absolutely.

Love is all, the key to everything. We are all one, the WHOLE. There is no past or future that does not exist NOW in the moment point. Living NOW and LOVING now is the answer to life. AS I SEE IT ! 'I AM HERE TO SHARE MY THOUGHTS'

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