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United Communities of Spirit is a "confluence" -- a coming together of many perspectives and traditions and voices, into a common framework and forum.

Our members have a variety of options for expressing themselves, and telling us about their beliefs, their insights, their tradition. They can speak to us through our Forum, or through various other approaches, that include and opportunity to answer questions, select and add to a "list of the Names of God", enter and select brief "belief tenets", add Credos and Prayers and Mantras and Affirmations, etc.

Through our network tools, we do what we can to seek for the common core shared by our members, and we provide a variety of ways for our members to link to one another around principles and concepts that they hold in common.

If you are not yet a member of UCS, please join us. If you are a member, please log in.

"BASIC BELIEFS" QUESTIONS (View the questions)

"THE MEANING OF LIFE" QUESTIONS (View the questions)



UCS Members are asked to list their beliefs in the form of brief "tenets", as we explore ways that diverse people can share a common set of beliefs. Tenets are listed in the order of their popularity, most popular first, showing number of UCS members who have selected this tenet.
  1. God is love and exists within every human being and all that is. - 1335
  2. Spirit is a universal energy that arises in being and animantes all that lives. - 982
  3. There are universal principles that are shared by many or all religions. - 908
  4. Love is the ultimate reality. - 858
  5. We are not humans having spiritual experiences, but spirits having human experiences. - 822
  6. God is everything and everything is God. - 672
  7. There is a natural order to the universe and human beings are part of it. - 655

Every UCS member is asked to list their "faith tradition", as well as the tenets of their faith. By grouping all the tenets listed by the members of any particular faith tradition, we can review what they believe as a group.

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