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Series Title UCS Member Artist Medium
8thday of Creation Global Spirit Humanity; Lewis Striggow Lewis G Striggow/peaceday Graphic Art
99 Most Beautiful Names Andrew Kosorok Andrew Kosorok Sculpture
Art 4 Sale St. Beckhusen St. Beckhusen Painting
Awakening Sight Rev Keth Luke Keth Luke Photography
Big Mama: Virtuose Steelpan Solo Werner Weidensdorfer BIMA Music
Choose Thine Kingdom * Svaha Nicole Lucchesi Drawing
Crying Cedar Woman Bruce Schuman Godfrey Stephens Sculpture
Crystal Jewelry Susan Woomer The Wolfs Den Creations Jewerly
Crystal KaleidoScapes MoonCave Crystals Mira Bai Mandalas
Elizabeth Snow Elizabeth Snow Elizabeth Snow Painting
Esoteric Artwork Fawna Bear Yours Truly Digital
Extra Dimensional Communications-Hard Copy Mr. Fred Meagher Entity Unknown Photography
Eye Soar shawn grebliunas a GrebBear combined arts and crafts
Faith Mystic Healing Art Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell Digital
Fangs of Love Emilie Conroy Emilie Conroy Digital
Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth john ashbaugh John Ashbaugh Mandalas
God Rev. Frater Velado Frater Velado Painting
greetings of love,au omur mariana Digital
Haiku and Haiga (Japanese art) Kristjaan Panneman Kristjaan Panneman (a.k.a. Chèvrefeuille) Poetry
Healing Art Leara Bores Jude, AKA: Leara Bores Painting
Healing-ART Ramon Labusch Ramon Labusch Painting
heethn spyryt eyes spypryt eyes Graphic Art
John's Art Tracy Seekins John Seekins Painting
Jude's Art Leara Bores Jude, AKA: Leara Bores Sculpture
Light and Love natalia severska Michaella Digital
lost and found Jimy Stull Drawing
lost and found God Glass
Lost And Found Michelle Trinity Painting
Mandalas Peter de Jong Peter de Jong Mandalas
Mystic Healing Art Mystic Healing Art Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell Painting
new heavens school steve leach st eve ke ach Painting
O sitio da cor Maria Henriques Maria Henriques Painting
Orixa Gallery Elder Rowan Fairgrove Rowan Fairgrove Painting
Prayer Wheels of Light & Peace Ruh Nabil Robert Pollard Digital
Sadhana Jean-Pierre Piche satjeev Photography
silver jewlery Crow Littleridge Crow Littleridge Jewerly
Space Time Kabballa Holographic Maps Mr. Fred Meagher Fred Meagher Graphic Art
Spirit Guides Kate Lightwalker Kate Lynch Photography
Spirits 1969 Kabal Barak Negby Kabal Barak Negby Painting
Spiritual Awakening Rev. Dr. Rich CrystalWolfe Baker Rich CrystalWolfe Graphic Art
The Divine Marriage Highway Star* Unknown Wall Hanging
The Unified Field Bhima (Bhimaji) EMZ Bhima (Bhimaji) Painting
Torch of Life Ormungandr Melchizedek Ormungandr Melchizedek Graphic Art
Twin Light & Colour Cubes Ruh Nabil Robert Pollard Digital
Twisted Pairs of Light & Colour Cubes Ruh Nabil Robert Pollard Digital
uniquereiki Merlin Dergham Merlin Dergham Digital

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