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Everything about your UCS membership is under your own control. You fill out your own Registration and Profile, complete any parts of it you desire, and update it whenever you like. And, unlike some other network systems, on UCS, you start and stop your own email.

To manage your UCS email, go to the home page and log in. If you don't remember your username and password, scroll to the bottom of the page where there is a form where you can have your login information emailed to you instantly.

Once you've logged in to your "My Profile" page, the very first option box is the one that deals with "Dynamic Email." This is the basic "on/off switch" for all email from UCS. Choose "Yes" or "No", then be sure to click the "submit" button at the bottom of the form to enter the change into the database.

If you go to your "My Email/Topics" page, you'll see you can also control the basic "on/off switch" from this page (if you are logged in), plus you can select specific topics you prefer -- an excellent way of controlling the amount and kind of email you receive. Plus, from your "My Email/Topics" page, you can also select the discussion topics that interest you, and check to see who is subscribed to any topic.

Keeping this in mind, you can participate in UCS as much or as little as is comfortable for you. Obviously, you can visit the Forum any time you wish to catch up on things. Even if you opt not to receive any email, you can still post messages to the network, under any topic for which you are subscribed. This can come in handy for making announcements or requesting help. The default for all new members is "yes" for the first four topics, until such time as you change it.

Again, the keys to dealing with any kinds of adjustments to your account are always: (1) log in to gain access to the database, (2) process your desired actions, and then (3) be sure to click the "submit" button to enter your updated information into the database.

We value your membership, and truly hope you'll find a degree of participation that feels right to you. Thanks again for being here.


Over time, email addresses tend to to expire or become incorrect. Things change, people move on to new accounts, and old email addresses get left behind. On UCS, we have a long list of email addresses that are no longer working. Perhaps one of these is yours.

You can review our list of "bad addresses" here.

Or you can search for an address that may be listed in our system.

Email address

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