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List of UCS Member Websites (954) List of Member-Recommended Websites (559)

All UCS members may list their website with us, from their My Web Site link. We request that all members listing a site on this list include a link to UCS, with their choice of UCS icon. Any UCS member can list one site on this list.

In addition to our list of member sites, we also offer a list of sites recommended by members. UCS members have the option to add as many websites as they wish to this list. The option to add links/sites is found on your "My Profile" page, in the lower right set of links. Or you can add a link from right here.

The below list shows the ten most recent UCS member sites. You can search for sites, or review the complete lists.

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Site Name UCS Member Date UCS Link

My facebook page called the Crone's Logic. It celebrates the wisdom we achieve as we age. I wish to share the wisdom of the universe with all who go to my page, but I also invite my visitors to share their own photos, artwork and wisdom.
Keywords: Wiccan - Witch - Native Americans - Pagan/Christian Relations

WHITTERS Steve Whitters 10/3/13 3222
Christian Web Site
Keywords: Jesus

RANDOM SCRAPS OF THOUGHT Joylynn Graham 9/19/13 3221
Photo blog of meditations and reflections
Keywords: Artwork - Beauty - Writings - Grace

For those who are in search of Jesus Christ who want to become Saved! Many other items are also included for your information.
Keywords: Jesus - Christ Consciousness - Articles - Spiritual Teacher

BIOMES GALACTIC Bhima (Bhimaji) EMZ 8/25/13 3219
This is an interactive website where visitors can view my plan to build a new world civilization and participate via the templates provided. The site also provides templates to build and launch your own website or search myriad existing websites of people with plans and projects of their own. UCS or any member of UCS can go to the website, load their link and logo to support my plan and also publish a separate link to themselves.
Keywords: Alice A. Bailey - Ancient Greece - Enneagram - Ken Wilbur

ORIGIN Tomás Sulyok 10/1/12 3217
site looking for the origin.
Keywords: Awakening - Universe - Anthroposophy - Avatar Master

YAMALEKA L MULK Rashaa AlAjlouny 3/15/12 3216
Beyooonnndd with more enlightenment & Acknowledgment,
Keywords: Cosmology - Universalist - Divinity - Awareness

ELDER ROSE MINISTRIES Laura Gallant 1/26/12 3215
Elder Rose Ministries has two missions. First we are here to help people in healing through mind, body, and spirit. Second, Elder Rose Ministries will help you create and perform a handfasting or wedding ceremony that is beautiful and unique as you are. We believe that we all come from the divine and respect your beliefs, life styles, and your relationships. We strive to perform your handfasting or wedding ceremony with professionalism and respect.
Keywords: Ceremonies - Blessings - Clergy - Funerals

SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS Sonali Sadequee 9/6/11 3214
Sonali Sadequee CHHC, AADP, is a wholistic nutrition and lifestyle coach specializing in weight-loss, digestive wellness, and diabetes prevention and reversal. She is the founder of Sustainable Wellness, a wholistic health & lifestyle coaching practice that supports busy individuals in their journey towards achieving and sustaining wellness. She offers practical nutrition education, healing foods, stress-reduction, and lifestyle coaching services to clients. She is certified by the Teachers college of Columbia University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to serve individuals and businesses as a Health Coach. She is also board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Sonali looks at your entire body-system to help revive your health. Your digestive system is the key to health. It absorbs nutrients for all the other organs in the body and removes toxins. Sonali coaches you to support and rebuild your digestive system with foods that have healing properties. Wholistic Nutrition coaching that equips you with solutions and food options that reverse/prevent lifestyle conditions such as cancer, HBP, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes in a way that is safe, natural, practical, and gradual. We truly believe that food is medicine, and medicine is food. Therefore, we support you to find the right foods and lifestyle practices to help you meet your nutritional needs. We teach you how to make real lasting change through enjoyment of quality food and nutrients, rather than deprivation and discipline.
Keywords: Alternative Healing - Counseling - Culinary - Fitness

WHAT IS YOUR STORY Alaia Leighland 8/8/11 3213
The stories of our lives that we tell ourselves will create out experience.. Choose your words wisely...
Keywords: Spirituality - Multifaith - Metaphysics - Namaste

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