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We believe that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system, that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions, and coordinates the participation of millions of people.

United Communities of Spirit was originally defined in 1996 in terms of this "Lightweavers" vision and mission. Today, as an expression this vision, we are organizing a series of projects that are developed by volunteers across the world who share this vision, and who want to bring their gift of service to this work.

You are invited to involve yourself in this project, by joining one of our Lightweaver Working Groups, or applying for a leadership role.

In order to join a Lightweaver Working Group, you must be a UCS member, and logged in to your UCS account. In general, it is advisable that persons interested in these positions be comfortable working on the web, and be able to handle internet communications on a regular basis. To assist our team leaders in contacting you, please make sure your email address -- and even better, your phone number -- are listed on your profile. For the more sensitive positions, our leaders will probably wish to speak with you on the phone. Thanks for being here.

Please check back periodically, because the opportunities and specifications on this page are constantly changing and growing.

UCS Lightweavers: Working Groups, Projects, and Volunteer Positions Apply
1. FAQ development -- a review of basic ideas Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are beginning to organize and review the basic ideas of this project, interconnecting the various themes, and bringing commonly asked questions into one place. If you want to help with this, let us know.
2. Fundraiser Apply to be a Lightweaver!
As UCS continues to unfold its new potential, we want to be thinking about what it would take to get a small full-time staff working on this project. If we had two or three full-time office staff, pursuing various tasks, we could probably have a major impact in the world. These people could work from their homes, on a relatively modest salary. But to pay these people something, we need funding. There are a variety of possibilities, and one is traditional fundraising. If you have experience in this area, and expertise to share with us, please get in touch.
3. Graphics Development and Webpage Layout Apply to be a Lightweaver!
UCS members with web development and graphics experience, who might want to develop new web pages and related web projects
4. Group Process Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are particularly interested in questions regarding "group process" and collective spirituality. The path of the individual towards the divine has been illustrated by many great teachers and saints, from a wide variety of traditions. But today, we face critical issues regarding the spirituality of groups. How can we understand the spiritual process of a "Circle" -- and can what we learn from this be expanded to a wider application -- to society? What are the keys to effective and beautiful group practices?
5. Interfaith Network Project Administrators Apply to be a Lightweaver!
UCS is associated with a number of other Interfaith projects. These include The World Interfaith Congress, Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice, The CPWR Global Network (Parliament of World Religions), The Wheel of Religions, and Gather the Women These projects -- and quite a few others -- run on a collaborative online database system we have created, called Interspirit. All of these projects can use team support and administrative assistance. If you are interested in getting involved, please get in touch.
6. Interspiritual Standards and Protocols Group Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are moving into a period of time where collaborative protocols must be negotiated between independent network systems and projects. Just as "the internet" emerged into popular culture some ten or more years ago, as independent systems (AOL, CompuServe, Delphi, BitNet, etc.) got signed up on common protocols and could begin to "talk to each other" (communicate back and forth, exchange emails, etc.), we need to establish similar protocols between spiritual groups working to develop ideal global community. This process will require careful methods and diplomacy, but the work itself can be conducted over the internet.
7. Library and Annotated Bibliography Apply to be a Lightweaver!
This team will create a detailed and "annotated" bibliography of books and references that point towards and support the "universal theology" that we are developing. They will explore internet resources and build an online library, and gather citations from library references that support specific elements of Lightweaver concepts
8. Lightweaver Code of Conduct Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are exploring what it would mean to create something like an "Order of Lightweavers" -- that would be based on a body of common and shared principles and agreements. These agreements might include elements of personal ethics or other sorts of commitments. We want to keep this simple and inclusive, while retaining the universality and authenticity of "the spiritual path" as presented in classical teachings. Suggestions and participation invited.
9. New Member Welcome Apply to be a Lightweaver!
This group receives email notifications when new people join UCS. Members reach out to these new people, to help them feel welcome and valued, and to encourage their involvement in our work together. We might also consider some related responsibilities -- such as providing or helping coordinate support for UCS members who are having special difficulties or challenges (death of a loved one, serious illness, injury, accident, etc.)
10. Online Seminar Coordinator Apply to be a Lightweaver!
At UCS, we have interesting opportunities to organize discussions and study groups. If we create an organized course of study, on almost any relevant subject, and solicit and invite participation among our members, we could develop some very interesting projects. One example might be a study group devoted to reading parts of (or all of) the World Scripture text we have placed on line. World Scripture contains an excellent overview and introduction to the basic elements of interfaith. We could invite participants to read one section of World Scripture every day, or every week, and then discuss this section online. This could be a valuable thing, and we could archive all our discussions, and any spinoff projects that emerge from this discussion.
11. Organizational Development Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are considering the creation of an expanded organization, possibly based on "501c3" status. If you have experience in this area, and would like to work with us as this project unfolds, please let us know.
12. Outreach and Contact Apply to be a Lightweaver!
There are hundreds or thousands of websites and mailing lists and projects on the Internet that relate to the work of UCS, or indicate a similar objective -- bringing together new age spiritual community, in a spirit of "Oneness". Members of this group would be exploring the web, looking for interesting projects and people who might find UCS interesting or of value, or who might play a role in developing and expanding our "network of light". Another rich field for possible exploration are the thousands of inactive UCS members who have joined us over the years, and who are no longer participating. Our outreach team could be browsing the UCS profiles, and contacting members whenever possible.
13. Polling and Questionnaire Development Apply to be a Lightweaver!
One way we can seek to build consensus and understand how our membership feels about specific issues is to "poll" the UCS membership on a regular basis. We are a looking for a small team of members who are sensitive to critical issues, and who will organize a very brief poll (probably just one question, carefully phrased) every one or two weeks. We can place this polling framework into the UCS system, and our members can "vote" on any issue put before the group. These "votes" could be continued over time, on questions that don't go away (issues like death penalty, abortion, life after death, separation of church and state, etc).
14. Presentation and Design/Flowchart Progamming (Visio, Word) Apply to be a Lightweaver!
As we continue to expand "the design" for the Lightweavers concept, and for our related family of networks, we want to be able to present this design to prospective partners, in a first-class and professional format. Much of what we are doing relates to "good engineering design", and can be outlined or described in terms of "flowcharts". One program for presenting flowcharts -- and timelines, and other organizational development diagrams -- is the Microsoft program "Visio". We could use the assistance of a Visio programmer, or someone who has similar or related talents. Microsoft Word can also be used to development diagram-based presentations. If you have ideas or skills in this area, and would like to help, please get in touch.
15. Programming Team: Cold Fusion and Databases Apply to be a Lightweaver!
Members of this group have expertise in programming. The skills needed are Cold Fusion, MS Access 2000 and/or SQL Server 2000. We could probably use some javascript as well. You do not need to know all of these languages/programs. If you have expertise in any one of them, please get in touch.
16. Purpose and Mission of UCS Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We need a discussion group to look at underlying questions regarding the purpose and mission of UCS. What is the relationship between UCS and Lightweavers? Can (and should) we say that UCS is broadly interfaith, with no ideological agenda other than intercultural understanding and mutual respect -- and Lightweavers is about communion and resonance among these diverse groups? Is this distinction correct, and does this difference muddy the waters? Should we preserve this difference, and if so, how do we keep this distinction clear in the face we present to the world?
17. Science of Comparative Religion Apply to be a Lightweaver!
Almost 150 years ago, the German philosopher Max Weber began the discipline of Comparative Religion. From the beginning, Weber understood that this discipline could and should become a science. He coined the famous phrase "He who knows one knows none." But since his day, little real progress has been made. Who knows why? It's our guess that a combination of academic fashion and the sheer massive difficulty of the task have steered realistic scholars away from this challenge. But here in this online context, we may have a chance to take on a tremendous piece of work, bringing this powerful and deeply meaningful new science out of the dusty closets of history, and into the clear light of international impact. If you would like to explore new ways to ground our collective spiritual understanding -- not only on all the religions of the world, but also on the psychological and philosophical sciences -- epistemology, hermeneutics, theory of concepts, cognitive science -- let us know about it.
18. Study Group Development Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are exploring ways to build a network of "local study groups" or chapters, where people get together and talk about UCS-related issues. We are supposing that we might want to prepare a "study guide" for these groups, to assist them in their work. This study guide could include some general principles -- how to practice resonance in a group meeting, what might be an appropriate approach to "interfaith prayer", etc. We might create a system of lessons, with a new lesson every month. Members of this team would assist in the task of creating a new lesson every month. This, too, should be a relatively simple task, because we already have so much content in our system, from which these lessons can be drawn.
19. The Book! Organizing and Editing Selected Forum Messages Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We have almost 30,000 messages in the UCS archives, sent to us over the past 7 years. Many of these messages contain deep and brilliant insights into spirituality, or some aspect of our contemporary situation. We are exploring ways to bring these messages into one readable framework, perhaps something that could be published as a book.
20. The Divine Plan Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We are exploring the concept of "Divine Plan for this Planet" -- howsoever this concept might be worded. If you are interested in working with others to collaboratively explore and attempt to define this plan -- this group may be for you. 1) What IS the plan? Is there such a thing, or can there be? How would we know? Should there be a plan? 2) If we think we see some plan, how do we know our ideas are correct? How is this plan validated or tested? 3) If we can form and authenticate a plan -- how can we carry it out? Could this be possible? If it is -- should we try it?
21. The Global Spirituality Report Apply to be a Lightweaver!
UCS first published its electronic newsletter, The Global Spirituality Report, in 1997. We are now expecting to begin republishing this electronic mailing, as a way of updating our community regarding the collaborative work of the Lightweavers network. Please join us.
22. Translators Apply to be a Lightweaver!
People who speak English (the native language of UCS) and some other language, into which they can translate some UCS pages. We can create some dedicated sections of UCS for each special language, and reach out to people around the world who speak these languages.
23. UCS Newsletter: Editing, Production and Distribution Apply to be a Lightweaver!
This group will produce and distribute an electronic newsletter for UCS
24. Universal Theology Apply to be a Lightweaver!
This group will organize and propose a simple statement of "universal theology" that attempts to encapsulate the basic beliefs and doctrine of the UCS initiative. This is a challenging exercise, that will require skill, vision, scholarship, and tact. We might describe this entire process in the phrase "interfaith theology of universal communion". How can we "become one" when our beliefs and traditions and historical backgrounds are so diverse? Perhaps we will find an answer in attitude and psychology, rather than ideological conviction. Surrender, receptivity, listening -- as "the God in you becomes one with the God in me." How can this process be defined in theological terms? And how can we show this process as consistent with the teachings of each of the major world religions?
25. Userguide and Code of Conduct Apply to be a Lightweaver!
There are several documents that form the guidelines and "rules" for UCS. The include the basic "userguide" sent to every new member, the "Code of Conduct" signed by new members when they join, and the "Guidelines for Posting" that is linked to the UCS forum. These documents should be kept up to date. The "userguide", for example, has not been updated since Oct. 2003. The "Code of Conduct" is brand new, and will require editing and review. Another new and related project may be the "Lightweavers Code of Conduct". We might pursue this in a separate format, but let us know if you are interested. This group can consider and edit these documents, to keep them up to date.
26. Vision of the Network Apply to be a Lightweaver!
This group will be composed of persons with a special interest in "networks" and the future of the Internet. How can these tools be used to most sophisticated and interesting advantage? What is "the mystical meaning" of the Internet? What are the potentials for "electronic democracy" and "the optimization of collective decision processes"? How can we build tools and systems that reflect our highest understanding? Are these possibilities unrealistically utopian -- or do they represent realistic possibilities that we must not fail to consider? This group will consider and discuss this issue, and look into ways to build effective working systems that unfold these highest potentials.
27. Volunteer Coordinator Apply to be a Lightweaver!
We need a person who understands the overall thrust and intention of this UCS/Lightweaving initiative, and who is willing to supervise and oversee the development of our various teams of volunteers. This position requires a long-term commitment and a consistent presence. It does not have to require a lot of time, but it does take some care and responsibility on a consistent basis.
28. Web Net Coordinator Apply to be a Lightweaver!
In the early days of UCS, we began the development of our member list of websites. We would manage this list by hand, every Saturday morning carefully adding new sites to our list. This feature was an important part of our success. The agreement was: we will include your project in our UCS list, and in return, you will put a clickable UCS icon on your site. This was "win-win" -- the UCS member got some publicity, and we got visibility and a link from their site. We used to work carefully to insure that all these links were really working -- and this helped attract a lot of traffic to UCS. We have not maintained this feature with care, and it would be good if some UCS member could look into this issue. It takes time and care, and diplomatic skills to contact all these website developers, checking to see if their site is working correctly, and if their UCS link is properly displayed. Some time ago, we did build a programming system to pursue this. If you want to help build up the UCS network system, can work carefully in a trusted way, and have the time, maybe this position is for you.

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