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The long-range objective of the ORIGIN project is to develop an enlightened and comprehensive network system that reaches everywhere throughout the global economy, exerting a force of informed and enlightening influence on individuals, political and business leaders, NGOs and governmental agencies, creating uplifting and life-sustaining social change in governmental and business policies and in personal life-style practices.

Using collaborative network methods, we are working to

  • develop a model of global ethics based on "the whole" and whole systems thinking
  • develop a model of the interdependence of major and minor issues at global and local levels
  • coordinate a deliberative process based on dialogue and co-creation intended to converge all issues towards common ground at every level of scale
  • expand the influence of this process towards all meaningful pressure points in the global and national economy, including political and business leaders
  • use this "distributed" method to exert an enlightening influence at every point in the global grid