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The ORIGIN Symbol

The ORIGIN symbol is an interpretation of the basic mathematical concept of coordinate origin -- the "zero point in a Cartesian space" that many of us learned about in first-year high school algebra.

We use this symbol as a kind of compass for maintaining alignment. It keeps us on course and walking straight. It helps us see the truth. It helps us "stay on target" -- indeed, to hit the target -- in a bullseye.

We see it as a key principle of cybernetics, in homeostasis, in "spiritual alignment", in maintaining a common standard of social cohesion and understanding in the context of tremendous cultural and physical diversity and social turbulence.

We are exploring and proposing the argument that this framework "transcends and includes" all the major symbolism of the major religions of the world, and can serve as an "ontological foundation" for a universal theology that is grounded in a fully scientific semantic ontology ("theory of concepts and language")

The individual human being is located within the context of the whole -- but cannot see the whole.

But if we understand the whole as cascaded under this general framework -- each individual can align themselves under the matrix at the their particular location -- "at the local point" -- and this will place them in alignment with all other human beings so aligned.

This is the axis of spiritual unity -- the focal point for convergence, the axial center of reality, the unknowable and unnamed point at the center of the mandala -- through which manifests all constant creation, emerging from the unknown and unknowable

Levels of interpretation

  • It is defined in three levels or layers

  • The top layer is the blue oval -- it represents the Whole -- it is a circle -- it is like a Moebius Strip -- it is both the center-point and the absolute container and boundary of The All, The Whole

  • The next layer is the vertical purple axis - the "Y" axis -- under the oval, but above the horizontal axis, the "X" axis

  • This has powerful implications for the "alignment" of human attunement to reality -- both at level of individual human attunement to life and their immediate context -- and to their attunement with the whole

  • The case can be made that this framework is like "the four directions" found in indigenous (native american) spirituality

  • The entire symbol represents "the partitioning of the whole" into the essential dimensions of human experience

  • A theology could be developed to define this object as "The Logos" -- the foundation of logic and rationality

  • This framework guides the individual human being "at the local point" (wherever you are right now) on the correct way to maintain attunement to the whole, the all, "God"

  • No human being can comprehend or see the entirety of the whole -- but this framework defines a relationship to the whole that can cascade across all levels

  • This symbols represents the deepest sort of spiritual mystery, where the actual center is unknowable. It is life itself, and reality a God pour out instructions and truth to human beings through the open portal of the center. It's like a cornucopia.

  • The actual center-point is never explicitly stated nor can it be. The X and Y axes have "width" -- defined by upper and lower bounds in the other coordinate -- the X coordinate has "width" in the Y coordinate, and vice-versa. This leaves a very small "bounded range" at the center, like a digital/quantum unit -- as defined by overlap of Y and X

  • This central unit is "the monad" - "the fundamental unit"

  • It is a symbol for alignment --

  • For connection across levels

  • for "staying straight" in the context of turbulence

It has mathematical meaning

It has scientific meaning

It has spiritual meaning

It has psychological meaning

It has meaning in a "whole system" cybernetics -- as a consensual and commonly agreed on starting point for all measurement.

Mystical roots -- Manly P. Hall and many others