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We are building a series of interrelated and complemenary projects, which can bring sectors of expertise and interest together in overlapping ways. ORIGIN members will be able to join and interact with these projects.

Projects will have various assets linked to them, such as a mailing list or forum or zoom links or facebook groups or dedicated database tables, etc.

Cybernetic Democracy
There is a close relationship between cybernetics and democracy. We can look at how "bio-mimicry" inspires a concept of democracy based on "homeostasis" -- that natural balancing of an individual human body. If the human race -- or Gaia -- is "one body" -- homeostasis seems like a natural principle for guidance and achieving balance.
Bellingham Community Organizing
Coordinating positive activities in the Bellingham WA area.
Our Moment of Choice
Project on new book just released -- discussion and organizing on how we can implement and activate solutions and build influence
The Future of Humanity
Moonshots melinda@futureofhumanity.io/ http://futureofhumanity.vision/ https://www.facebook.com/futureofhumanity.io/
Bridges to Partnership
Kathryn Alexander I CONSULT WITH: State and local governments I'm honored to work with mayors, city council members, city managers and department heads B Lab and Regenerative focused entrepreneurs Founders, board members, investors PREFERRED AREAS: Strategy Leadership Improved Governance Regenerative Economics Community Engagement Leadership Team Development Implementing and Achieving the UN's SDGs
White Fire Resonant Core
Core circle for the spirit of the ORIGIN project. High standards, high attunement
Community of the Whole
All participants in the ORIGIN network are invited to participate in the Community of the Whole
Future Now Radio
This is a group of active visionaries that are in the process of creating a collaborative, world radio-platform to explore concepts and understandings around new systems of sustainability & post scarcity beyond the Capitalist framework of today. We want to include as many diverse topics as possible that are related to alternative models based on open resources, sharing, access, equality, basic needs, etc. What binds us is we want to make the transition processes visible and present them in an understandable way for everyone. Basic principle is SHARED LEADERSHIP and open source, transparent access. Our podcast / radio station wants to inspire citizens and bring hope to people regarding the transition to a better future for all in the near term as our current operating system continues to break down. We are voicing, broadcasting and discussing various new functional alternative systems that make the current degenerative outdated economic and governance models obsolete. We do this by informing people about these viable regenerative solutions and to reflect on the ‘true’ values that make people thrive. We elevate inspiring voices and stories around societal evolution while unifying in the process.
This is an action-oriented, “open source everything” initiative, designed for individuals and groups who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and get to work. HACKHUMANITY is visualizing a glocal platform oriented around a “Three Pillars” framework of activism that is continually evolving and improving with your help. The aim and rationale of the hackathon is to mobilize the sleeping giant of “the commons” through peer-to-peer collaborative, scalable processes for a planet of innovators to help solve global challenges through local initiatives. ENVIENTA is offering their platform in order to create regenerative technological solutions for issues in any part of the world organized through online and local hackathons on an ongoing basis. We have initiated 12 themes to hack at Regenerative Hackathons. Each of these is a sector that we can create a solution and/or tool for. We are referring to them as 12 fields of Regenerative Development Goals. HACK HUMANITY is an “open source everything” umbrella term and collaborative grouping that is not owned by anyone. It is a decentralized, non-hierarchical rallying point around the “Mother of All Hacks” project.
Mother Arc
Mother Arc is a Research Center and Web-Platform designed to enable the co-creative construction of New Systems Blueprints. At Mother Arc, individuals and groups have access to a secure and structured tool whereby they can collaborate, explore and design a different type of existence from bottom up. The aim of this mission is to collectively devise New Systems that truly deliver, promote and protect Universal Human Rights and advocate Peace, while safeguarding the nature and species of the planet. Mother Arc Portal is an intermediary between the Mother Arc Center and the public. This online tool offers the web community direct access in the process of designing new systems. It is the main point of access and participation for co-creators. In essence, the website / platform is an evolving think-tank where innovative minds and change makers meet to discuss, explore and design the future. This applies to children and youth as well. The environment here promotes learning, connecting and expanding the circle of possibilities. It empowers individuals and groups to explore their maximum potential and manifest their visions. The website will be designed with extreme ease of navigation in mind for all ages and backgrounds. It will engage members and guests by asking questions in all the various categories. It will also contain lots of inspirational and innovative content.
Department of Peace
Project to connect related groups around a national peace initiative
Divine Heart Meditation - Activating your Divine Heart Energy
Creating a global wave of Divine Heart Energy to heal the planet. The next global wave will be on 21 December 2020 at 08.00 hrs till 08.30 hours in each timezone., Join the meditation in your time zone or in any of the 24 time zones around the planet.
Chat Action
WorldSummit is a coordination and design network that is mobilizing and unifying all active groups and solutions so that we can quickly reach the necessary critical mass to enable humanity's phase shift towards a new global regenerative model. WorldSummit is connecting all key-players (Networks, Movements, Organisations, Thought-leaders, Change-makers, Activists, Individuals, etc.) in the chain of the 3-Pillars in order to create a better socio-economic model for humanity. Our strategy is to make all interconnected problems, solutions and 'energies' visible, and we are creating partnerships and overarching holistic tools for that purpose.
African-American and African Men’s Exchange Initiative