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Draft in progress

This project emerges as a natural organic unfolding of "The Whole" or One or "The One" -- a common universal understanding of the Godhead or Ground of Being in most major religions and in many indigenous traditions. The concept is also intended to be fully consistent with science and mathematics.

In this understanding, One is "pure conceptual form", a container for all ideas and all human possibilities. Seeing the world from this perspective, it becomes natural to understand the various "sectors" and specializations of human thinking as being complementary aspects of this single unified underlying container or "field".

This point of view also gives us a solid starting point in the search for a universal global ethic.

We can understand this way of thinking as a scientific hypothesis, perhaps expressed in mathematics or cosmology -- or we can understand it in traditional spiritual or religious terms, as the over-riding ontological container and master principle of all that moves through and around us in reality. This gives us a strong approach to considering the challenging but intriguing questions prompted by the relationship of science and religion -- with particular implications for secular/civic culture in a context of high social challenge.

Seen this way, One becomes that container that unfolds the relationship between all the various specializations and sectors and "silos" that emerge in the world, and which it seems we are today compelled to coordinate in a holistic of "whole systems" way -- as a single unitary energy, with a fluent adaptability across all the dimensions and levels of human experience -- ranging through all the sciences through the humanities and onwards to spirituality and the mysteries of The All.

Our vision is to develop a progressively enlightened humanity, empowered by grace and spirit and truth, working in a natural organic unity and resonant harmony, empowered by attunement with the flow of the One through each individual human being -- as part of a family, part of a team, part of one community, part of The All.

To move into the next phase of human civilization, we must master this internal resonance within our own psychologies -- and we must master this harmony in the organization of our society -- probably operating some kind of "circular economy" and maintaining refined balance in the stability of key dimensions and factors that support life.