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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "Man must know something of God's nature and of metaphysical processes if he is to understand himself and thereby achieve gnosis of the Divine."

2 "It seems to me that we are at the threshold of a new spiritual epoch. I do not wish to pass myself off as a prophet, but one can hardly attempt to sketch the spiritual problem of modern man without mentioning the longing for rest in a period of unrest, the longing for security in an age of insecurity. It is from need and distress that new forms of existence arise."

3 "The invisible centre is Adam Kadmon, the Original Man."

4 “The circle is the primary law.” Aphorism 29 in Horneffer, ‘Nietzches Lehre von der Ewigen Wiederkunft’

5 “For the One is the whole;…because of the One everything is.” Barnaud

6 “The forms which experience takes in each individual may be infinite in their variations, but they are all variants of certain central types, and these occur universally. They are the primordial images, from which the religions each draw their absolute truth.”

7 "There is one Rudra only, they do not allow a second, who rules all the worlds by his powers. Behind all creatures he stands, the Protector; having created them, he gathers all beings together at the end of time." Shvetashvatara Upanishad

8 "The collective unconscious, as the ancestral heritage of possibilities of representation, is not individual but common to all, and perhaps even to all animals, and is the true basis of the individual psyche."

9 "The conscious psyche is certainly of a personal nature, but it is by no means the whole of the psyche. The foundation of consciousness, the psyche per se, is unconscious, and its structure, like that of the body, is common to all."

10 “The substance that harbours the divine secret is everywhere, including the human body. It can be had for the asking and can be found anywhere.”

11 "Myth is the primordial language natural to these (unconscious) psychic processes, and no intellectual formulation comes anywhere near the richness and expressiveness of mythical imagery." 'Psychology and Alchemy'

12 "We must awaken our innermost wisdom, pure and divine, called the Mind of Buddha…It is the divine light, the inner heaven, the key to all moral treasures, the centre of thought and consciousness,..the seat of kindness, justice, sympathy, impartial love, humanity, and mercy, the measure of all things. When this innermost wisdom is fully awakened, we are able to realize that each and every one of us is identical in spirit, in essence, in nature with the universal life." Kaiten Nukariya, professor at the So-To-shu Buddhist College in Tokyo

13 “In the deity, the opposites cancel out.”

14 "Old Heraclitus, who was indeed a very great sage, discovered the most marvelous of all psychological laws: the regulative function of opposites. He called it 'enantiodromia', a running contrariwise, by which he meant that sooner or later everything runs into its opposite."

15 "Mankind as a whole is included in God's human nature."

16 "Indeed the very intimacy of the relationship between God and the soul precludes from the start any devaluation of the latter."

17 "The existence of the atom and its components may well consist in a continually repeated process of rejuvenation, and one comes to similar conclusions in trying to account for the numinosity of the archetypes."

18 "This whole essence is but one thing only, like the mind of a man. Even as he is in soul and body, so also is this whole essence." Jacob Boehme

19 "The alchemist and mystic John Pordage (1607-81) called the inner eternal man an 'extract and summary concept of the Macrocosm'."

20 "Beneficent forces ever and anon have enabled humanity to find a refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night."

21 "A mandala [is] an ordering pattern or pattern of order which is either consciously devised or appears spontaneously as a product of unconscious processes."

22 "There is indeed a unity of God and man; God himself creates it." Karl Barth, 'Credo'

23 "In the symbol the WORLD ITSELF is speaking."

24 "In myths and fairytales, as in dreams, the psyche tells its own story, and the interplay of the archetypes is revealed in its natural setting as 'formation, transformation/the eternal Mind's eternal recreation.'"

25 "And where would God's wholeness be if he could not be the 'wholly other'?"

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