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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 “There is but one single thing, one medicine.” ‘Abraham le Juif’, from the Paris codex (Fr. 14765)

2 "The alchemist and mystic John Pordage (1607-81) called the inner eternal man an 'extract and summary concept of the Macrocosm'."

3 "The unity of the soul rests empirically on the basic psychic structure common to all souls, which, though not visible and tangible like the anatomical structure, is just as evident as it."

4 "Religions are psycho-therapeutic systems in the truest sense of the word, and on the grandest scale. They express the whole range of the psychic problem in mighty images; they are the avowal and recognition of the soul, and at the same time the revelation of the soul's nature."

5 "God made man to partake of his glory and created him in his image."

6 "This idea of immortality of the individual and of his imperishable worth can be found on the earliest archaic levels."

7 "The fact that there is a religious movement upon which many brilliant minds have worked over a period of many centuries is sufficient reason for at least venturing a serious attempt to bring such processes within the realm of scientific understanding."

8 "The history of religion in its widest sense (including therefore mythology, folklore, and primitive psychology) is a treasure-house of archetypal forms from which [we] can draw helpful parallels and enlightening comparisons for the purpose of calming and clarifying a consciusness that is all at sea."

9 "Wherever the spirit of God is extruded from our human calculations, an unconscious substitute takes its place." 'On the Nature of the Psyche'

10 "The power of God reveals itself not only in the realm of the spirit, but in the fierce animality of nature both within man and outside him."

11 "The unconscious, as the totality of all archetypes, is the deposit of all human experience right back to its remotest beginnings. Not, indeed, a dead deposit, a sort of abandoned rubbish-heap, but a living system of reactions and aptitudes that determine the individual's life in invisible ways."

12 "Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness." 'General Aspects of Dream Psychology'

13 "Had there not been an affinity - magnet! - between the figure of the Redeemer and certain contents of the unconscious, the human mind would never have been able to perceive the light shining in Christ and seize upon it so passionately." 'Aion'

14 "The soul must contain in itself the faculty of relationship to God, that is, a correspondence, otherwise a connection could never come about. This correspondence is, in psychological terms, the archetype of the God-image." 'Psychology and Alchemy'

15 “The spirit of life is not only indwelling in all living things, but immanent in everything that exists, as the world-soul.”

16 "Old Heraclitus, who was indeed a very great sage, discovered the most marvelous of all psychological laws: the regulative function of opposites. He called it 'enantiodromia', a running contrariwise, by which he meant that sooner or later everything runs into its opposite."

17 “O great, greatest, incomprehensible fabric of the world, formed in a circle!” ‘Secret Inscription’ in the Great Magic Papyrus of Paris

18 "There is indeed a unity of God and man; God himself creates it." Karl Barth, 'Credo'

19 "The collective unconscious, unlike the personal unconscious, is one and the same everywhere, in all individuals, just as all biological functions and all instincts are the same in members of the same species."

20 "The mandala represents the idea of totality."

21 "Christ did not merely symbolize wholeness, but, as a psychic phenomenon, he was wholeness." 'Aion'

22 "Everything that happens, happens in the same 'one world' and is a part of it. For this reason events must possess an a priori aspect of unity."

23 “There are fiery sparks of the World-Soul, that is of the light of nature, dispersed or scattered at God’s command in and through the fabric of the great world into all fruits of the elements everywhere.” Khunrath (1560-1605)

24 "The manifold religious practices and beliefs which, from the earliest times, have played such an enormous role in history cannot be traced back to the whimsical fancies and opinions of individuals, but owe their existence far more to the influence of unconscious powers which we cannot neglect without disturbing the psychic balance."

25 "God is near you, he is with you, he is within you." Seneca to Lucilius (Gummere translation)

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