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The Masks of God
Joseph Campbell

1 "The ever-living life in all lives appears to be many but is really one."

2 "The mystery of the universe and the wonder of the temple of the world are what speak to us through all myths and rites – as well as the great effort of man to bring his individual life into concord with the whole."

3 "Nothing can occur that is not – in the frame of the totality – absolutely good."

4 "The vocabulary of symbol is to such an extent constant through the world that it must be recognized to represent a single pictorial script, through which realizations of a tremendum experienced through life are given statement."

5 "Mythological symbols touch and exhilarate centers of life beyond the reach of vocabularies of reason and coercion. The light-world modes of experience and thought were late, very late, developments in the biological prehistory of our species."

6 "The [Egyptian] myths can no longer be taken simply in their literal sense. They have to be understood as a rendition of deeper thoughts, striving to comprehend the world spiritually, as a unit." Eduard Meyer

7 "Everything – absolutely everything – reveals the omnipresence of God as the ground of all being."

8 "The rites of Demeter and Persephone of Eleusis, Isis of Alexandria, Mithra of the Persians, and the Great Mother, Cybele, of Asia Minor, mutually influenced and enriched each other in the course of centuries – all in terms of a common ability to sense and experience the miracle of life itself as divine, and wonderfully so."

9 "'We are all', as Schopenhauer avers, 'one and the same single Being.' And the sentiment proper to this selfless realization is compassion."

10 "Man in his native virtue is competent both to experience and to render blessedness."

11 "Divinity inheres in, as well as transcends, every particle of the universe and all its beings."

12 "O Mother! Cause and Mother of the World! Thou art the One Primordial Being." The Tantrasara

13 "God is the simultaneous mutual implication of all things, even the contradictory ones." Nicholas Cusanus (1401-1464) 'Apologia doctae ignorantiae'

14 "The illusion of duality is the trick of maya. 'Thou art that' (tat tvam asi) is the proper thought for the first step to wisdom."

15 "God is in all things as being, as activity, as power." Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)

16 "Then I looked. And I saw that lover, beloved, and love are one; for in the world of unity all can be one." Abu Yazid (Bayazid) of Bistan (d. 874)

17 "Boundless Time holds everything in its tongs; shapes all things with its hammer; yet yields through its hard initiations knowledge of the adamantean reality, which is here and now, beyond the obscuring veil of duality, the true eternity of us all."

18 "Platonic ideas are the structuring principles of all things, inherent in all, and to be recognized by the wakened mind."

19 "The timelessness of eternity is reflected in the changing scene of time."

20 "Shakespeare's definition of the function of his art, 'to hold, as 'twere, the mirror up to nature', is equally a definition of mythology. It is the revelation to waking consciousness of the powers of its own sustaining source."

21 "God is one not two. Who sees God sees nothing but one." Meister Eckhart (1260-1327)

22 "Man is a cup, his soul the wine therein. Flesh is a pipe, spirit the voice within; O Khayyam, have you fathomed what man is? A magic lantern with a light therein." Omar Khayyam, Persian poet

23 "There is one God….He is all sight, all mind, all ear." Xenophanes of Colophon (fl. 536 bce)

24 "God is the very spirit and nature of the universe, the image in which it is created, and knowable thus by sense, by reason, and by love, in gradual approximation. God is in all and in every part, and in him all opposites, including good and evil, coincide."

25 "Within a world that is itself divine, where God is immanent throughout, in the impulse of the flight of birds, the lightning, the falling rain, the fire in the sun, there is an epiphany of divinity in all sight, all thought, and all deeds."

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