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Dante and the Mystics
Edmund G. Gardner

1 "Our peace is in the good will that is inflamed by God, and in harmony with the Divine will."

2 "Love is not the idealisation of one special passion, but the universal and innate force or tendency that impels every creature to pursue the inmost trend of its being, to the goal divinely ordained."

3 "Love, truly taken and subtly considered, is nought else than spiritual union of the soul and of the thing loved." Dante, 'Convivio'

4 "The Sacred Humanity of Mary's Son gives our imagination a figure, wherein we can clothe that 'sense of God' which has been formed in our heart and intelligence." George Tyrrell, 'The Faith of the Millions'

5 "Love is the net whereby the Creator draws back to Himself the creatures that He has made."

6 "By Eternity, the mystic does not mean endless time, nor, primarily, everlasting life; but Eternity as defined by Boethius, as 'the complete and perfect possession of unlimited life at a single moment', a coming to that eternal NOW, of which Dante speaks, in which 'every where and every when is brought to a point.'"

7 "The quest of self-knowledge and the purification of the soul are practically one and the same."

8 "In everything which is perceived by the senses or which is known, God lies hidden." St. Bonaventure, 'De reductione Artium ad Theologium'

9 "It is in the excellences of nature that the cause is revealed as divine." Dante, 'Convivio'

10 "Love binds the universe into one."

11 "'I was created in love,' says the soul in the book of Mechtild of Magdeburg, 'therefore nothing can console or liberate my nobleness, save love alone.'"

12 "the soul is a mirror that reflects the invisible things of God, and it is by purity of heart alone that this mirror is made clear."

13 "Each one vaguely apprehends a good in which the mind may be at rest, and desires it; wherefore to attain unto it each doth strive." Dante, 'Purgatorio', xvii. 127-129

14 "Where charity is, there is clarity." Hugh of St. Victor, 'De Sacramentis', II. xiii. 11

15 "Every form has, in a fashion, the existence of the divine nature; not that the divine nature is divided and communicated to them; but it is participated by them, as it were in the fashion that the nature of the sun is participated in the other stars." Dante, 'Convivio'

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