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Merton's Palace of Nowhere
James Finley
A study of Thomas Merton's spirituality

1 "There is only one life, and that is God's life which he gives us from moment to moment, drawing us to himself with every holy breath we take."

2 "God is everywhere and is therefore never in a particular place that is other than where we happen to be at each moment."

3 "Our true self is a self in communion. It is a self that subsists in God's eternal love."

4 "An exploration of the true self will bring us to an understanding of prayer and a prayerful attentiveness will bring us to an understanding of the true self."

5 "Prayer is the fertile soil in which the insight into our true self in God takes root and grows. As our true awareness grows, as we see through the eyes of the Person we are, we see with a new vision. We see the Presence of God in all that is."

6 "It is not a question of either-or but of all-in-one….of wholeness, wholeheartedness and unity….which finds the same ground of love in everything." Thomas Merton, 'Contemplation In A World of Action'

7 "In prayer we journey forward to our origin."

8 "There are no others 'out there.'….There is only the Person in the unity of perfect love which is God."

9 "All of creation is a symbol of He who is."

10 "God holds both our origin and end in one eternal moment."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite