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Tarot Revelations
Joseph Campbell & Richard Roberts

1 "The One assumes the forms of multiplicity." Richard Roberts

2 "Man and cosmos hold a dialogue in which the One grows in one, and one evolves in the One."

3 "All the tableau of the Major Arcana (of the Tarot), the pictorial forms, patterns, and colors, like the world itself, are expressions of archetypal Ideas, themselves the formative powers of the Macrocosmic plane."

4 "The archetypes of the collective unconscious are psychic components undergoing transformation in the direction of consciousness." Richard Roberts

5 "In Hermeticism and Jungian psychology, the seeming destruction which the antagonist wreaks (death, swallowing, dismemberment, etc.) works to the will of the One in accomplishing the higher purpose of integration and rebirth…..personal adversity has a long-range regenerative effect."

6 "The psyche of humanity contains…the divine Monad at the center."

7 "Somehow it seems always that the spirit finds the proper means of education – a guru, a book, or crisis – when the life is amenable to change." Richard Roberts

8 "The center of a spiral labyrinth may be likened to the maw of a dragon/serpent/crocodile in which the spirit/soul is devoured. But the way back is through the center; thus to be devoured is to be reborn,…a labyrinth is a form of Recycling Center."

9 "In a twelfth-century hermetic text known as 'The Book of the Twenty-Four Philosophers' there is a statement that has been quoted, through the centuries, by a number of Christian thinkers – among others, Alan of Lille (1128-1202), Nicholas Cusanus (1401-1464), Rabelais (1490?-1553), Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), and Pascal (1632-1662), as well as Voltaire (1694-1778); to wit: 'God is an intelligible sphere, whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere.'" Joseph Campbell

10 "As Aristotle says, 'man is a civic animal', wherefore he is required not only to be useful to himself but also to others." Dante

11 "'True reality', according to Marcus Schneider, 'resides only in the synthesis' of opposites. This is what the Tarot message is all about, and it certainly is the capsule meaning not only of alchemy and astrology but also of Jungian psychology."

12 "The One who assumes the many forms of multiplicity remains indivisible." Richard Roberts

13 "Any path of life well followed may lead to an opening of the spiritual door." Joseph Campbell

14 "The number one is equivalent to the 'Centre', to the non-manifest point, to the creative power of the 'unmoved mover'.

15 "The macrocosm is not merely materially turned 'out there', distant matter, but rather the macrocosm is a sphere or plane of higher consciousness of which the earth and all forms within the universe are but expressions thereof." Richard Roberts

16 "One's personal myth is the wishing ring that brings to pass the life's events."

17 "What is required is the finding of that Immovable Point within one's self, which is not shaken by any of those tempests which the Buddhists call 'the eight karmic winds': fear of pain, desire for pleasure; fear of loss; desire for gain; fear of blame, desire for praise; fear of disgrace; desire for fame." Joseph Campbell

18 "The circle symbolizes the all and the eternal, the celestial unity of all." Herbert Silberer, 'Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts'

19 "The flowers emitted a joyous glow of the One White Light, within which were all the colors of all the rainbows, in all the universes of the One." Stanley Byron Roberts, 'Our Father'

20 "The One desires to return to unity from multiplicity." Richard Roberts

21 "Darkness is the womb or matrix for light (spirit), which is conceived when darkness reaches its maximum."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite