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The Secret of the Golden Flower
Richard Wilhelm, translator

1 "The oldest mandala drawing known to me is a paleolithic 'sun wheel', recently discovered in Rhodesia….Things reaching so far back in human history naturally touch upon the deepest layer of the unconscious and affect the latter where conscious speech shows itself to be quite impotent. Such things cannot be thought up but must grow again from the forgotten depths, if they are to express the deepest insights of consciousness and the loftiest intuitions of the spirit. Coming from these depths they blend together the uniqueness of present-day consciousness with the age-old past of life." C. G. Jung

2 "Everything of which we are conscious is an image, and that image IS psyche." C. G. Jung

3 "The psyche and the cosmos are to each other like the inner world and the outer world. Therefore man participates by nature in all cosmic events, and is inwardly as well as outwardly interwoven with them."

4 "The tremendous experiment of becoming conscious, which nature has laid upon mankind,…unites the most diverse cultures in a common task." C. G. Jung

5 "God is Substance as well as Force, Love as well as Will, Feminine as well as Masculine, Mother as well as Father." Edward Maitland, 'Anna Kingsford, Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work'

6 "Man is a microcosm and is not separated from the macrocosm by any fixed barriers."

7 "Man's clarity of consciousness and capacity for reason are universal rather than something individually unique." C. G. Jung

8 "The centre is omnipresent; everything is contained in it; it is connected with the release of the whole process of creation."

9 "It seems to me that the translation of meaning into life, the search for the Tao, has already become a collective phenomenon among us, and that to a far greater extent than is generally realized." C. G. Jung

10 "The saints and sages of ancient times are beings who for thousands of years have stimulated and educated humanity."

11 "Both yin and yang have their common origin in an undivided One."

12 "It must be pointed out that just as the human body shows a common anatomy over and above all racial differences, so, too, the psyche possesses a common substratum transcending all differences in culture and consciousness….This explains the analogy, sometimes even identity, between various myth-motifs and symbols, and the possibility of human beings making themselves mutually understood. The various lines of psychic development start from one common stock whose roots reach back into all the strata of the past. This also explains the psychological parallelisms with animals." C. G. Jung

13 "Mankind has common instincts of imagination and of action. All conscious imagination and action have been developed with unconscious archetypal images as their basis, and always remain bound up with them." C. G. Jung

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