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Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality
Matthew Fox
Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake, Afterword by Bede Griffiths

1 "Virtue is a kind of spiritual path that assures a life of quality and purpose."

2 "God has produced a work in which the likeness of God is clearly reflected – that is, the world itself." Thomas Aquinas, In Jn 1.10, n. 136

3 "There is nothing that the human mind cannot understand potentially. It is capable of knowing all things. The greatness of the human person consists in this: that it is capable of the universe (capax universi)….capable of grasping the whole of being. We are also capable of embracing the whole of being." Thomas Aquinas, CG III

4 "While pleasure can be entire and perfect, sadness is always partial." Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica I-II, q. 35, a. 6

5 "In the making of the very least creature there is manifested the infinite power, wisdom, and goodness of God." Thomas Aquinas, In III Sent 1.3, ad 3

6 "God wills that human beings exist for the sake of the perfection of the universe." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on the Letter to the Ephesians', 1.6a

7 "God is known through the knowledge we have, since whatever falls into our knowing, we receive as brought from God." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 731, p. 274

8 "Our capacity to birth – including the birthing of virtue – derives from the very Creator and artist of all things, including the human being." Matthew Fox

9 "God contains all things and hugs them in an embrace." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L.12, p. 925

10 "Divine good exists in every particular creature." Thomas Aquinas, In Mt 3, p. 36

11 "Justice, truth, and compassion are the same in essence, and they have to do with whatever God makes in us. Thus truth and justice lie at the heart of the inner person." Matthew Fox

12 "Humanity returns by a sort of circulatory movement to its first beginning, being united by the work of the Incarnation to the very origin of all things." Thomas Aquinas, 'A Compendium of Theology', I, 201

13 "The order of the universe, embracing natural and voluntary things alike, manifests the justice of God." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 21, a. 1

14 "The Scriptures say, 'of God, and by God, and in God are all things. (Romans 11:36). God embraces in the divine self all creatures. God holds all things in Godself and not successively according to time nor divided into parts, but together. Indeed, the Godhead contains all things….All things are in God." Thomas Aquinas

15 "We choose our lives, we make them, we cocreate them, we give birth to them by the 'inward' choices we make." Matthew Fox

16 "The Cosmic Christ represents a primary archetype of the mystical tradition in the West."

17 "The Son of God assumed flesh and came into the world to illumine all human beings with grace and truth." Thomas Aquinas, In Jn 1. 5, n. 104

18 "There is an indissoluble strength in the connection of things….by virtue of the one cause containing and assembling them into one." Thomas Aquinas, DDN

19 "Compassion is the fulfillment of justice, not its abolition." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', I, q. 21, a. 3, ad 2

20 "Creativity is something we are all ultimately responsible for. It comes from inside us in a unique way." Matthew Fox

21 "To know God in some fashion is natural for the human intelligence no matter what state it is in." Thomas Aquinas, 'ST II, q. 13, a. 1, ad 1

22 "God so communicates the divine goodness to created beings that one thing that receives it can transfer it to another." Thomas Aquinas, CG II, ch. 59 n. 16

23 "Our being, living and moving are themselves caused by God. In another sense things are said to be in God, as in the one who knows them, in which sense they are in God through their proper ideas, which in God are not distinct from the divine essence." Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', I, q. 18, a. 4, ad 1

24 "Every being in its essence is good and participates in the divine goodness

25 "Light is given to the sun not to shine alone on itself but also on the whole earth. So too, God wills that all our gifts of wealth, power, knowledge should benefit others." Thomas Aquinas, In 2 Cor, ch. 1, p. 301

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