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Robert Fludd, Western Esoteric Masters Series
William Huffman, editor
Fludd's voluminous research covers a range of practical, scientific, divinatory, and speculative viewpoints, all of which combine into a unified universe everywhere infused with divine spirit.

1 "God is the One and Indivisible."

2 "The essence of God fills everything in heaven and in earth."

3 "God is the centre of any one thing – a centre the periphery of which is nowhere."

4 "In truth all souls have a continuous relation to the ONE world-soul, as has the sunlight to the sun."

5 "The Will of God and His laws can be discovered in the characters of the great Book of Nature."

6 "The greater chorus of the philosophers concludes that God contains every name, since all is in him and he himself is in everything, not unlike the manner in which all straight lines drawn from the centre to the circumference are said to be in the centre."

7 "The essence of the soul cannot be separated from God."

8 "The soul, or the human mind,….can as little be separated or divided from God as a sunbeam from the sun."

9 "The human soul is the image of God."

10 "God's incorruptible spirit is in everything."

11 "Pythagoras and all the other philosophers who were endowed with some touch of the divine recognized that God is one and indivisible."

12 "God contains everything in itself, extends everywhere with its power, drives everything, and there is nothing outside it."

13 "As God's essence is indivisible, so also nature itself, which is His emanation into the world, is in every respect one single form and indivisible in itself."

14 "God the Creator dwells within YOU."

15 "Each man is your brother, and your brother is part of yourself, and all men are but one and the selfsame thing in specie, which is in effect the very unity and essence of God Himself masked with the material mantle of Nature."

16 "All things are but one thing."

17 "As all numbers are in the One, as all radii of the circle are in the centre, and as the powers of all the members are in the soul, so, it is said, is God in all things and all things in God….God is the centre of any one thing – a centre the periphery of which is nowhere."

18 "It is apparent that the incorruptible Spirit is in all things."

19 "The mind is in no wise divided from the essence of God. Rather it is bound up with Him as is the light with the body of the sun."

20 "The eternal creating and all-enacting Spirit of the Lord is the universal actor which moves all in all."

21 "It would not be possible for perfect order to exist in all the parts of the world unless they were united by one single divine and continuous spirit."

22 "All good exists as One."

23 "Each man's spirit (though included in diverse bodies) is made all one by the immediate, and first emanation or Universal beam of Unity; and Union in Nature can no more be severed or disjoined, than the bright stream which issues from the center of the Sun."

24 "Nature, in its capacity of universal soul, contains the formula of the whole and is not even divisible into essential parts, as Plato testifies."

25 "In each individual the Holy Spirit shines forth for the advantage of all (1 Corinthians 12)."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite