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Living Flame of Love
St. John of the Cross
This work of St. John's is one of his last poems, and therefore, is the fruit of his mature spirituality. It tells of a love refined and of a soul which has experienced nearly perfect union with the Divine. Translated and edited by E. Allison Peers

1 "God, in His own Being, is all things, in an infinite and pre-eminent way."

2 "O, wondrous thing that all these lamps of the Divine attributes should be one simple being in which alone they are experienced, and yet that the distinction between them should be visible and perceptible, the one being as completely enkindled as the other and the one being substantially the other! Oh, abyss of delights, the more abundant in proportion as Your riches are gathered together in infinite unity and simplicity, so that each one is known and experienced in such a way that the perfect knowledge and absorption of the other may not be impeded thereby, but rather each thng within You is the light of the other, so that through Your purity, Oh, Divine wisdom, many things are seen in you when one thing is seen, since You are the store-house of the treasures."

3 "The centre of the soul is God; and, when the soul has attained to Him according to the whole capacity of its being, which is the strength and virtue of the soul, it will have reached the last and the deep centre of the soul, which will be when with all its powers it loves and understands and enjoys God."

4 "Love unites the soul with God, and, the more degrees of love the soul has, the more profoundly does it enter into God and the more is it centred in Him."

5 "God is always moving, ruling and giving being and virtue and grace and gifts to all creatures, containing them all in Himself, virtually, presentially and substantially."

6 "All the virtues and substances and perfections and graces of all created things shine forth and make the same movement together and in unision."

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